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Whats So Difficult About Getting People Together?

Making friends is difficult, especially if you’ve just moved to a brand-new city, and you are on a look-out for location based friends. And then there are other reasons which just elevate the problem – you work from home, you have strange interests and you sleep at unconventional hours. Some people do not have the opportunity to meet people organically i.e. through work or other such ways.

To relieve people from their loneliness, or hanging out with same old friends and to meet more people with same interests, an app has been introduced. It’s a Social Networking cum Event App Meetly. Meetly is all about people getting together, to get acquainted & communicate better, and to make communication interesting & dynamic. It not only cuts out the creep factor but gives you a chance of meeting people with common interests. How cool is that?

Meetly is designed to make your life easier and organize hassle-free events with your friends. Meetly helps you and your friends or family figure out the best possible place and time to meet-up and have some fun quickly and easily. It’s the best way to get a group of people together that has ever been created. Meetly excels at getting those who share a common interest to connect with each other. One feels, Meetly is a social service that lets you organize and join real-life “meet-ups” for people who share your interests.

The Meetly app shows upcoming Meet-ups that are organized in your vicinity and also public meet-ups as per categories. Each Public event listing features a category such as Business, Health-Wellness, Hobbies, Science & tech and other such categories, description, start/end dates/times, location, & even how many people can join you. One can even set notifications for meet-ups happening within a radius of 5 miles to 50 miles. User can search people, search events as per categories, send requests to join those events, create notifications for updates, send private or group messages. Meetly allows users to participate in app improvement by allowing them to send feedbacks. People can even leave reviews for meet-ups.

The users can add their profile pictures and write briefly about themselves and select topics of interest. Also, the user is encouraged to use or set up more & more meet ups, as it provides star ratings for more usage, which keeps on getting improved and keep you motivated such as Greenhorn, Explorer, Superstar, Hero and Legend. At the end of it one actually starts getting associated with these name tags.

For a beginner, the app even provides cues to help them become proficient in no-time. The usage of vibrant colors, intuitive layout, interactive icons and easy navigation, adds to user experience. All these features are available in the mobile application so comes with mobile advantage of fixing social meets on-the-go – anytime while commuting, on a coffee break, before turning in to sleep, or literally any other time. One can create a meet up in less then a minute.

Though its not a dating app per se, but you may find your Prince Charming or Angelina Jolie in Public meet-ups. Those in their early 20s can still survive the dating game, but it doesn’t take long for our social options to dwindle. Friends, Meetly is strongly recommended.


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Awareness With a Difference

Another delay in Affordable Care Act Provision, originally due to go into effect in January 2014, has been delayed by Obama administration twice. It seems White House is trying to avoid another Obamacare controversy. Are you an employee who had to bear soaring health coverage cost? Wished you had a say in timely implementation of this provision.

Did you go to pick a dress for your kid for Halloween? Asking, ‘cos saw the most gruesome & in extremely bad taste, an ‘EBOLA’ dress. What has world come to!! Wished had a say in such topics!!

People have very busy schedules and try to digest a tremendous amount of content and data coming at us from multiple media platforms. In order, for the average person to stay in touch with important issues and decisions that affect us and our community & immediate vicinity, the news channels & social platforms which are available on the go, are the last resorts. Mobile apps, Twitter, Podcast are few of such examples.

While looking for social awareness news apps, SpillMap, Catalista, SeeClickFix, EcoHero,& GoodGuide, one still felt that something was missing. People not only want to know about causes that have an impact on them, but may also want to raise their voice or at least add their ‘two bits’ to the discussion. They may also want to know what others think about it but where do they start? In this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world, taking time for this becomes challenging. The decision makers, in the meanwhile either make decisions or delay actions on such topics & you don’t have any access to their ears. ‘AllSay App’ is an efficient solution to all such problems.

Now, one can have a say with AllSay. AllSay is a crowd sourced social awareness platform that connects you to your important community decisions. You can raise you voice on as frivolous a topic as ‘Yoghurt’ is becoming the official state snack of New York, or as serious a topic as ‘Ebola’ or ‘Cigarette’ dress on Halloween, where reflection is needed between prioritizing business interests over kids or festival sentiments. The application uses social profile & location to discover and deliver the decisions that interest & matter. Personal information stays as private as one wants. The App lets you influence the decision makers with your opinion. It also delivers your say to those in-charge, all in a flash.

Through this application, members may increase awareness and influence on favorite issues by aligning with others in the network. AllSay also acts as a member activation service for organizations looking to understand and influence public decisions.

In less than two minutes a day, you can finally be included in your community’s issues and actions. When you allow AllSay to use your location and profile, AllSay shows you the decisions that impact you and your family. Based on profile and interests, it makes you aware of real decisions happening on issues relevant to you.

Not only this, the ‘Top 3’ scored decisions, a Member is presented with each day using Daily Say, completion of which gives a user access to an entertaining fact or infographic related to data captured from AllSay that can be shared on social media. What’s more interesting is that the user, not only easily see, what’s going on, he also quickly gets connected to real ways to do something about it. It’s also an awesome way to be in the know and discuss meaningful issues with your friends. The application is simple and even fun to be aware, have your say, and contribute to your community.


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Entertain Yourself With a Perfect Blend of Music & Game

Music is an art form which enthralls the cortex and has become a core part of every person’s life. It is subdivided into various genres and the relationship between them is often cited to be subtle and open to personal interpretation. In this era of technology, music has become the core of all interactions which is why music based mobile apps have become dime a dozen. This has created a cloud of contention around the minds of the end user. But over the years there has not been a single innovative idea from the service providers that can offer this service with a new perspective.

But around all this music driven sector, a new app called Zya has surely made huge head-ground to give music service a whole new meaning. It has mixed the two biggest sources of entertainment for users and offered a product which is captivating and enjoyable. The blend of gaming and music is unique and ushers in a new horizon of entertainment. The application is highly user friendly and major emphasis has been laid on the graphics and UI. During the gameplay the end users are mesmerised with the fluidic nature of all the elements as they tap to become a star by mixing sounds and music. The designers and developers have put a lot of effort to ensure that the user does not feel out of place while playing this application. This is highly vital as it has been often seen that a user tends to get bored after continuous gameplay. However this application ensures that there is a constant flow to the overall gameplay so that the end user does not feel like constantly moving from one screen to another.

There are daily awards given to the user which enables user engagement and a deeper connect with them to play further. Users can choose between the genre of music they want to mix and even purchase instruments as well as characters to give their song an oomph factor. After selecting all the band members and their corresponding melodies, the user can even add effects to the music to make it more pleasing. What is important to understand is the fact that there is been a lot of attention to detail been undertaken which is why even after completing the song, there is a proper animated play so that users have an enjoyable experience. It is like a whole new level of music experience where the end product also include a personalized video involving all the characters of the band.

Users can then post the mix to various social networks like Youtube, facebook, twitter etc. With different genres available at the behest of the user, this become a never ending game and the user surpasses various level to climb the ladder of fame. The application has also been named as an Appy award finalist. Each and every distinctive design element in this game ushers in pure ingenuity which not only enhances the user experience but also delivers a viable entertainment product.

Available on the App Store.


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An Integrated Approach Towards Healthy Living

With the growing pace of life, there has been an exponential rise in day to day health problems. This has led to the contribution of mobile technology towards delivering industry best solutions to tackle the health related issues to be rendered with extreme care and diligence. The mobility solutions have been molded to offer a better and worthwhile lifestyle to users across the planet.

Today app stores are preloaded with applications that smoothen life in every manner they can. Unfortunately, most of them are repetitive and do not offer the incentive of giving the users recent updates, reports and surveys that must be relayed back to users to know the latest on health care and other such areas of life.

To solve the issue of the users worldwide, Fighter Diet has come up with their latest app “Live Life Lean” that brings with it seamless UX design elements, rich content and latest update features on articles, photos, health journals and exercise descriptions.

The application has several simplistic modules that are easy to navigate. It is categorized into following main sections :

  • Workout Journal : This module can be used to fill in your Average Heart Rate. Other details regarding duration of exercises as well as Weight Training can be seen in this section. The intuitive mobile solution is further expanded into Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Sand Running, Spinning, Swimming, Stepmill, Kick boxing, Stair Master and Sprints.

    An option of Activity History illustrates the entire cardio session details of the user records. These can later be referred to list the changes that have so far been incurred while performing regular workouts and scheduling the diet routines.

  • Diet Journal : In the Diet Journal section, the user can see the latest nutritional facts related to what must be eaten and when. For instance, there is a complete list of information about the ideal breakfast recipes and the nutritional content they deliver to the body. The diet records can be observed over a period of time that predicts descriptive analysis on the diet maintained by the user over the period and the nutrition received by his body over that time.

  • Exercises : This section holds all videos and program descriptions regarding the exercises. In case the user is unaware of ideal exercise schedule and the right way of performing the exercises, then here are the videos, guidelines and programs that must be referred for obtaining in-depth information about a thorough workout.

  • Articles : The Healthcare industry witnesses constant fluctuations and updations. Hence, it is necessary to view the latest from the healthcare arena to offer oneself the best of food and gym. This section of app showcases articles on latest news and journals relevant to the users concerned with this application.

In brief, the app is a complete package for those who have finally decided to get their bodies in shape in-spite of all uncertainties of life. With so many diseases hounding the generation today, it is utmost necessary to preserve health. The fastest way to obtain an incredible health state is to incorporate this highly intuitive app in your daily life and schedule your routine as per the actual requirement and necessity.

Available on the App Store.


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Real Time Data Aggregator For Gold & Other Metals

For any mobile developer, it is a known fact that every application is made up of various modules that need to work together proficiently in order to offer an immersive user experience. Even a simple application with basic functionality can attain immense success if it pitches itself perfectly to do what it is meant to do. In layman’s terms you can put this notion in correspondence to the 1969 World Series when New York Mets, which was an average team came together and went on to create one of the finest wins in the series history.

The same holds true for iGoldline app which has been created with a soul purpose of distributing precious metals information to their user. The functionality of the application is seamless, however the way it has been executed makes it an ideal choice for investors as well as collectors.

Each and every module of the application offers relevant information for Gold and silver coins along with other precious metals. Major emphasis has been put on design front so that end user does not find it cumbersome to access the data in real time. The applications has been divided into various modules:

  • Metal Spot Prices :- This shows the current market price, change in price and change percentage of precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium in real time

  • Financial Markets :- It offers the financial details of stock market for NASDAQ, Dow Jones, S&P 500 and US Dollar in real time. This is highly beneficial for users as it provides adequate information to the users for making future assessment of the market.

  • News/ Videos :- This module contains the latest news and videos regarding the precious metals by Goldline LLC. This further has been segregated into various modules like American Advisor Podcasts, Recent Industry News, Market Analyst Predictions and Press Center.

  • Coin Catalog :- This module shows precious coins like Gold coins, Silver coins, Platinum coins, Palladium coins and IRA along with their Specifications and Details.

  • Goldline Difference :- This module is all about the importance and what makes Goldline International different from others.

  • Social :- There is also an additional module added to the application for the Social connectivity of the app. It offers users to share data with their friends and colleagues offering an ideal user experience.

It is vital to understand that the applications has been designed in such a manner that each and every module is able to offer optimal usability to the end user. The overall design is fluidic and special emphasis have been laid so that information is easily accessible. The crux of this application is to provide real time data to the investor as well as collector which makes it important for every module to have seamless viability in accordance to one another.

Available on the App Store.


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