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iShoot Lite – Free iPhone Application

iShoot is a very well designed and addicting application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. iShoot Lite is a tank battle game where you launch a variety of weapons at enemy tanks. You control the trajectory by aiming your turret and the amount of thrust depending on how long you hold down the “fire” button. Last tank standing wins. You fire your weapons at the other opponents by adjusting the altitude and the power to fire at. You are able to buy better missiles,bombs and bullets to fire at your opponents but that depends on your funds. You make more money if you win the round and you can be against up to four other tanks. You take control of a powerful tank and battle to the death. Your mission is to be the last tank standing! Its a great app and its free for the Lite version which offers plenty to keep you happy.

The Good
*  Explosions create craters in the ground, into which earth and even tanks can fall in. Although totally unrealistic, it adds to the game immensely.
*  Surprisingly addicting given the simplistic set up, mostly due to a base fascination with blowing things up, but also because of the shifting nature of the battlefield.
*  At the end of each level, you get to spend earnings on weapons, of which they have increasing power in conjunction with price. Mortars are cheapest. Most unique is a roller missile which rolls down hills. Stinger missiles and cluster bombs provide a wide cover, and the most powerful and cool is the tactical nuke which blasts a huge crater and delivers a lot of damage.

The Bad
*  You can’t move your tank.
*  Sub-par graphics.
*  Turn-based.

Overall, iShoot Lite is surprisingly addicting despite not being able to move one’s tank and below-average graphics. It successfully creates the feeling of blowing up the enemy before they blow you up, and with enough tension along the way that the outcome isn’t clear until the last round fired. Ultimately, that’s all a decent war game needs and iShoot Lite achieves it. Plus, the “lite” version is free.

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