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Review Latest iPhone app – Apples2Oranges

In a grocery store doing price comparisons of different commodities is a common problem. It is tough to compare Gallons vs. liters, Ounces vs. milligrams – which one is a better deal? Usually people get confused that the 20 ounce drink for $1.50 is better or the 32 ounce for $2.49 is a much better deal? The answer can be calculated only by converting their price into its per ounce cost, but this is a bit tough to do in your head, and moreover its not something a person want to do while grocery shopping.

Fortunately, Ilium Software’s Apples2Oranges costing $2.99 is there now, as a solution for this issue. The application is available at iPhone app store and can be downloaded easily from there. It provides a simple touch interface which allows you to solve two issues : price issues, and Ingredient issues. In the Price Mode one can compare two products side-by-side for the best price considering different measurements for volume, length, or area. And in Ingredients Mode one compare nutritional content for food you are eating or buying.

Apples2Oranges makes shopping easy to perform. You just have to enter the units and price of each item and the app calculates costs per unit, making you to decide easily which is a better value item to buy. The application also tell you how much ingredients are needed for a certain amount of receipe.

Apples2Oranges is a fast and easy to use application. Just open the app, enter the information and go. Resulting no time wastage, which is always a requirement in the grocery stores.

This is a very handy application in order to save money at the store and also lets you to watch your calorie intake. The app is a great utility and do the task precisely what it sets out to do.


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BeeJive IM Goes Live for iPhone

Nowadays instant messaging is a part of everybody’s life in order to maintain the social circle. AOL’s free AIM client for the iPhone is pretty good, but for those in search of a more powerful alternative there’s BeejiveIM from Beejive.

BeejiveIM is an incredibly full-featured IM client, boasting capabilities that almost put it on par with desktop IM clients. Its biggest advantages over the AIM client are its compatibility with multiple IM services, such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk, ICQ, Jabber, and even MySpace, and its ability to let you log in to multiple IM accounts simultaneously.

In AOL’s AIM client for the iPhone, switching accounts is a hassle that requires quitting the application, going to the iPhone’s Settings app and changing the login credentials manually. Beejive lets us enter login information for multiple accounts and you have control over them either individually or as a group.

Beejive’s buddy list can display contacts in several different ways, including displaying groups, sorting by display name or status, and hiding offline contacts. By tapping on the More button on the bottom toolbar, you can also view just the contacts for a certain account or group. Contacts can be marked as Favorites, which lets you view them by tapping the Favorites button on the toolbar. You can also search your buddy list by tapping the magnifying glass icon at the top left and entering a search term.

Beejive offers a number of powerful features: you can send images and sound recordings to your buddies; you can also send an e-mail containing a log of the chat. The file transfer aspects of Beejive also work pretty well. You can send buddies pictures (either from the iPhone’s Photo Album or taken with the camera) or voice notes (via a built-in voice recorder). Beejive’s file receiving capabilities are also very powerful, however: you can receive pictures, sounds, and other files that the iPhone can view (Word documents, PDFs, and so forth).

There are a handful of other features that Beejive sports that some users might find handy: you can flip the iPhone and chat in landscape mode, enable an option switch back and forth between chats by shaking the phone, insert emoticons into your chat, and even change the background picture of your chat.

However, this application is a little pricey at $15.99 (US). You can download BeeJiveIM from the iTunes App Store.


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Interesting iPhone Applications for Oscars Lovers

For Oscar Awards fans iPhone launched various interesting applications. Users can enjoy the fun by getting celebrity news, watching trailers, history of Annual Academy Awards, puzzles games and lots more on their iPhone.

The latest application offered by CyberNet at a cost of $1 is “iSlumdog Millionaire“. iSlumdog Millionaire lets you listen to the popular movie soundtrack. Users can also look at various production stills of the best picture award winning Slumdog Millionaire.

To check how much you know about on Oscar, the “Hollywood Trivia game” is there which can test your knowledge on the Oscar through some interesting quiz rounds. This application contains various questions related to who won what. To make it more interesting, the names of actors are misspelled and you have to guess the right name. The game will rank you according to the score with other players. You can grab this application for only $0.99.

Another Oscar related iPhone application is “Movie Challenge Oscars Special“. User can get this application only by spending $0.99. This application offers various exciting games categorized on the basis of best actor, picture, writing and music. It challenges users on identifying the tag lines or quotes related to movies. Users can make predictions for this year’s awards and the contestant with the highest number of correct predictions wins $100 in iTunes credit.

Fans can get the full fledged history of the Oscar awards by using “Oscars History application“. This application will help you to make a rollback, if you go wrong with the answers and become a top scoring player. The Oscars History application is available for $0.99.

Access2Go application” which is 100% free will let you get the latest and the hottest Oscar’s celebrity news . The “Flixster application” will allow you enjoy watching movie trailers on the iPhone for free.

While these interesting and fun applications entertain you on your phones, hope you enjoyed watching the 81st Annual Academy Awards held on Sunday.


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WordPress Plugins for iPhone

WordPress is always the first choice as a blogging tool due to its easy interface and user friendliness. Same way Apple’s iPhone is the most famous smartphone in the market. Nowadays iPhone became so popular that many bloggers are busy in posting iphone blogs using wordpress. There are many iphone plugins available on the net which make wordpress blogs more accessible by iphone users. These plugins provide easy interface for an iphone user.Here is a breif review of some of them:

WPtouch: WordPress theme plugin for iPhone
WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone optimized version when viewed from an iPhone or iPod touch. WPtouch is a feature-rich, highly-customized ‘theme application’ which includes an admin interface to let you customize things like appearance of the blog. There’s an option in the footer on WPtouch for your users to easily switch between the WPtouch view and your site’s regular appearance.

Readers accessing blog from their computers will see the regular appearance of the site, while readers accessing blog from their iPhone will see an iPhone optimized appearance of the site that looks similar to standard iPhone apps interface, therefore speeding up the loading time. Users can switch to the regular site at any time!

WPtouch is developed by Dale Mugford & Duane Storey of BraveNewCode Inc. Development of this plugin is ongoing and the team are adding many new features with every release.

WordPress PDA & iPhone Plugin
Wordpress PDA plugin enables the wordpress blog viewable for PDA and iPhone browsers. It is really simple plugin which detects the browser agent and loads a simple theme on fly. The plugin comes with a theme folder which acts like normal theme with all the functionality of wordpress theme. The plugin doesn’t have any advanced option to control. If you want to customize you can do it with the theme files.


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Get Social Networking on iPhone with PEEK

iPhone just came with a new social networking application named PEEK with some unusual features.

The features of PEEK include that you can choose anyone around you with any level of anonymity. You just have to enter a few basic details and here your screen will come alive with colored dots representing PEEK users closest to you. Touch any one of them and see who’s there, how far away they are and what they are saying about themselves. With Peek you can send text or photos to anyone on your screen.

As a PEEK user you are not required to give away any personal information. But a user profile includes a user name, age and comments. User may also include an optional photo. User can update the profile at any time by touching the green dot. They also have the added comfort of being able to block anyone they don’t wish to communicate with.

Moreover to activate the HyperPeek function you just have to shake your iPhone and blast off to a random part of the planet, from one continent to other.

PEEK app is currently available for an introductory price of 99 cents from the AppStore. Bounce around from dot to dot or go in depth with another Peekster. Make new friends or just watch from the shadows. Very Soon PEEK will be available in many languages supported by iPhone. In addition to this audio messages will also be available in near future so that you can record a brief audio clip and share it with other users.


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