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BeeJive IM Goes Live for iPhone

Nowadays instant messaging is a part of everybody’s life in order to maintain the social circle. AOL’s free AIM client for the iPhone is pretty good, but for those in search of a more powerful alternative there’s BeejiveIM from Beejive.

BeejiveIM is an incredibly full-featured IM client, boasting capabilities that almost put it on par with desktop IM clients. Its biggest advantages over the AIM client are its compatibility with multiple IM services, such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, GoogleTalk, ICQ, Jabber, and even MySpace, and its ability to let you log in to multiple IM accounts simultaneously.

In AOL’s AIM client for the iPhone, switching accounts is a hassle that requires quitting the application, going to the iPhone’s Settings app and changing the login credentials manually. Beejive lets us enter login information for multiple accounts and you have control over them either individually or as a group.

Beejive’s buddy list can display contacts in several different ways, including displaying groups, sorting by display name or status, and hiding offline contacts. By tapping on the More button on the bottom toolbar, you can also view just the contacts for a certain account or group. Contacts can be marked as Favorites, which lets you view them by tapping the Favorites button on the toolbar. You can also search your buddy list by tapping the magnifying glass icon at the top left and entering a search term.

Beejive offers a number of powerful features: you can send images and sound recordings to your buddies; you can also send an e-mail containing a log of the chat. The file transfer aspects of Beejive also work pretty well. You can send buddies pictures (either from the iPhone’s Photo Album or taken with the camera) or voice notes (via a built-in voice recorder). Beejive’s file receiving capabilities are also very powerful, however: you can receive pictures, sounds, and other files that the iPhone can view (Word documents, PDFs, and so forth).

There are a handful of other features that Beejive sports that some users might find handy: you can flip the iPhone and chat in landscape mode, enable an option switch back and forth between chats by shaking the phone, insert emoticons into your chat, and even change the background picture of your chat.

However, this application is a little pricey at $15.99 (US). You can download BeeJiveIM from the iTunes App Store.

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