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Google Latitude Coming Soon on iPhone

Maps is one of the most used and powerful apps on the iPhone. With GPS, directions via driving, public transit, walking, and so much more, what’s missing (aside from turn-by-turn navigation)? Location tracking. This feature will make its debut on iPhone very soon.

Google has announced Latitude and it’s coming to iPhone. This clever add-on to Google Maps means that those who enable the service can be tracked via Google Maps and, in turn, track friends using the same service.

Latitude will allow users to see where friends and family are via requests and GPS. Communication with these contacts and more is provided on the Google end of things, and Latitude will easily allow users to know where their contacts are, and if any are near them. Although the well-known app Loopt covers this ground pretty well, maps expert Google will clearly win, having the advantage of an already distributed iPhone app and the chance of integration within that, as well as having the most powerful maps service available online. Simply request a friend’s location, and instantly see it while having the ability to converse with him. Location requests are easily revokable, and privacy settings are clear and thought out.

Google says it’s working on a Latitude app that will be available shortly. Hopefully Latitude will be included in one of the next iPhone software updates.

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