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Review Latest iPhone app – Apples2Oranges

In a grocery store doing price comparisons of different commodities is a common problem. It is tough to compare Gallons vs. liters, Ounces vs. milligrams – which one is a better deal? Usually people get confused that the 20 ounce drink for $1.50 is better or the 32 ounce for $2.49 is a much better deal? The answer can be calculated only by converting their price into its per ounce cost, but this is a bit tough to do in your head, and moreover its not something a person want to do while grocery shopping.

Fortunately, Ilium Software’s Apples2Oranges costing $2.99 is there now, as a solution for this issue. The application is available at iPhone app store and can be downloaded easily from there. It provides a simple touch interface which allows you to solve two issues : price issues, and Ingredient issues. In the Price Mode one can compare two products side-by-side for the best price considering different measurements for volume, length, or area. And in Ingredients Mode one compare nutritional content for food you are eating or buying.

Apples2Oranges makes shopping easy to perform. You just have to enter the units and price of each item and the app calculates costs per unit, making you to decide easily which is a better value item to buy. The application also tell you how much ingredients are needed for a certain amount of receipe.

Apples2Oranges is a fast and easy to use application. Just open the app, enter the information and go. Resulting no time wastage, which is always a requirement in the grocery stores.

This is a very handy application in order to save money at the store and also lets you to watch your calorie intake. The app is a great utility and do the task precisely what it sets out to do.

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