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BudgetCare on your iPhone can help you manage your spending throughout the recession

Cut back on your spending! Forget luxury for the time being. Nowadays, these are the code words of famous economists and business experts at Wall Street and everywhere.

We know that we had to do this, but often forget the warnings whenever there is no proper management. Many of us still spend nearly double the amount of the earmarked budgets. Well, it’s time to get organized with this nifty budget management application on the iPhone is all about keeping a close watch on your spending.

How many of you keep a budget notepad, where you list down spending on a daily basis? Ah! there are only few raised hands. Now, how many of you add up the total spending at the end of the day or at the end of the week? There! half of the hands have gone down. I know, it’s a painful manual scribbling and adding job. Do it BudgetCare way from now!

With Budget care you can note down detail of your spending everyday, ranging from a big purchase to the least one, which you normally forget to note down. For every spending you simply need to input the amount transacted, the purpose of spending and select the date from the scrollable calendar and save the entry. Leave it to the app to add up the total spending for the day, week and the month. You can input your customize categories (Categories are commodities, materials, etc) and sub categories.

If your spending is based on a monthly budget system, enter the earmarked amount for the month in the Budget and Balance section of the application and save it. The application updates the total amount you’ve spent and the balance left. You can check this in the Budget & Balance section to take full control of your spending.

Still wondering how this can help you? You can check total transaction and expenditure for the particular day, on a weekly or monthly basis. If you use this application, you’ll never go crazy trying to figure out how you spend your money and on what.

The application interface is so simple that you’ll get acquainted with BudgetCare in maximum five minutes. Save your day, save your money with BudgetCare.


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