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JotNot turns iPhone into a scanner

The iPhone can already act as a camera, email reader, Internet browser and video game device. A new iPhone application called JotNot now enables the smartphone to act as a scanner.

The JotNot application, available in the iTunes store for £2.39, lets users capture an image with their phone’s camera. JotNot then puts the image through a filter, which makes the text in the image cleaner and easier to read. (One might use it to filter and store a copy of a receipt, for instance.)

The Web version of JotNot actually lets users convert images to cleaned-up PDFs and Word documents.

The application has a 4.5 star rating out of 5 on iTunes, though less then two dozen reviewers have rated it. It has been available for a week.

“I have already used this app multiple times around our office to digitize receipts, faxes, business cards,” one reviewer wrote. “I am amazed at how readable the processed images are.”

Another iPhone application called Evernote offers similar functionality, but also uses optical character recognition to make both typed and written text searchable. Down the road, JotNot hopes to offer this as well.

One of the main differences between Evernote and JotNot is where the images are processed. JotNot processes the image locally, on the iPhone itself. Evernote processes images on the Evernote Web site.

Several other companies, including Scanr and Qipit offer similar services through their respective websites, but have yet to release iPhone or other smartphone applications.


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