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Baby Time

Best iPhone appsBeing a new parent can be challenging. But if you have Baby Time from the App Store, you can track things like Diaper Change, how long he’s been sleeping, and which side you last fed her from. You can even get more detailed by using the data chart function to record specifics of everyday signs of life. And if you’re in the mood to learn, we have a week-to-week Baby Guide. A weekly guide through the first year of your babies life.

Track, learn and enjoy, with Baby Time. This is a really cool iPhone application for all parents-to-be. You can manage the basic but essentials details of baby care with Baby Time.

Baby Time Features:

  • Event Timers- 5 different timers for 5 essential needs. Feeding, diaper, sleep, medicine and miscellaneous. How long has it been since you fed the baby? Or, the baby’s been asleep for 45 minutes.

  • Week-to-Week Baby Guide- A week-to-week database that will inform you of all the wonderful things to expect from your baby in the weeks and months ahead for the first year.

  • “Baby Chart” Data Entry System– Track your babies “signs of life” and keep them for your records or share them with your doctor.

  • Multi-Child Capable- Baby Time can even accommodate families with twins and triplets by having 3 different sets of timers and baby charts that are easily interchangeable.

  • Breast Feeding Reminder- A “which side” reminder switch helps moms keep track of which side they last breast fed from.

  • Customizable Home Screen– On the main timer page you can customize the screen with your babies name and choose a photo of him to accompany it.

Need help remembering it all? Keep track on your iPhone, with Baby Time.

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