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Flight Control – Top iPhone App

Flight control a paid game made by Firemint has hooked on many users to their iphones. Although there are lots of games available in the market but Flight control is one of the top paid app in the App store and has got a great number of fan following. The app is of $0.99 cent and there are chances of it being raised to a buck in the near future. It is an is an amazing action/strategy game for iPhone and iPod Touch and the secret of its success goes to its simplicity.

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The user’s job behind Flight Control is to take the role of an air traffic controller. The goal here is to guide a variety of airplanes, aircrafts and helicopters to one of three landing paths. The game consists of large pink planes, smaller orange aircrafts, and blue helicopters. Helicopters should go to the helipad, small planes to the little runway and larger planes should be taken to the main runway. This is basically done by tapping and dragging the aircraft to its relevant landing area. The landing should be done without any mid air collisions or crashes as that’s the disaster which could cause the game to end. With each safe landing of the plane or the helicopter the “aircraft landing” counts keep building. The game gets progressively harder as more and more planes arrive and the user will have to devise a smart strategy. Each time the game is started it welcomes the user with the current high score and he feels tempted to play over and over to keep improving the scores. The art style and music in Flight Control has a retro look and feel that works as an add on to the whole concept. Although the music is well chosen but if the user doesn’t like the music he can play music from his iPod library in the background.

To sum it up, it is a fine game that is mysteriously addictive.It is fun to play and is an archetypical example of a perfect iPhone experience.

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