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Hulu’s Upcoming iPhone App

Hulu is developing an application that brings its streaming TV and movie service to Apple’s iPhone and ipod touch.The app which is on its way of development will work over both wi-fi and 3G networks, thus providing the users to be able to view programming anywhere with a fast data connection. It won’t be the first of its kind as there are other such apps for iPhone, like Joost and CBS’s TV.com, YouTube app and several others. Joost at this point only allows streaming via Wi-Fi and therefore due to its popularity and features it is sure to become a hit.

Hulu’s popularity could help drive sales of iPhones, iPod touches, and AT&T subscriptions. Another major advantage of this app for the users would be that they can watch ad-supported, full-length television shows and movies on their personal computers for free, instead of paying Apple to download a copy for offline viewing. Apart from all these advantages one problem that might arise due to Hulu’s streaming architecture could be that it might not be possible to download videos to watch later, such as on the subway or an airplane. Also whether it will work well with iPhone service provider AT&T’s bandwidth limits. The limit is relatively high but there are chances that some consumers could end up raking up huge cell-phone bills.

According to comScore just over 3% of mobile subscribers watch video on their phones. An iPhone Hulu app could translate into a huge success for mobile videos covering international tournaments, matches and major events.

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One comment on “Hulu’s Upcoming iPhone App

  1. MattjDrake on said:

    Yikes, the apps on the iPhone are amazing. It is becoming the only device I need at all to carry around. Kindle, satellite radio and now this.

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