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iPhone OS 3.0 Software

Apple will once again overturn the software industry with the release of 3.o software in the summer of 2009.It’ll provide new features and innovations for iPhone customers and developers alike. Although there are not much major changes in it but there are some amazing features added to the platform.

Its beta software has been released and is available to registered developers. iPhone OS 3.0 beta release includes an updated Software Development Kit (SDK) with over 1,000 new Application Programming Interfaces (API).This 3.0 software will be a free upgrade for owners of iPhone 3G customers.. The new software will cost iPod Touch users about 10 dollars each. App Store will be available in 77 countries.

Some of the notable features of the 3.0 software includes:-

  • New Map Kit framework provides embedding of maps within your applications. Map Kit works with the Google Mobile Maps Service and features panning and zooming, custom annotations, current location and geocoding.
  • Peer-to-peer connectivity: This powerful new framework allows any application, not just games, to communicate between devices using Bluetooth-no pairing required.
  • Push functionality will be included, but apps won’t run in the background.
  • Developers can add streaming video and audio to their apps, along with in-game voice use.
  • In-app purchases: Another major extension of the app store, developers will be able to create new content for games (like better weapons and levels), eBooks, and more.
  • Third-party add-ons: Developers can now produce accessories like blood pressure cuffs and applications like glucose meters to help diabetics with their day-to-day lifestyles.
  • Cut, copy and pasting: With one touch of the screen, you can now copy text from emails,
    notes and websites and paste them into any application. You can also delete newly pasted data by shaking the iPhone and selecting the option from a pop-up window.
  • MMS: A basic feature that most cell phones already have, MMS allows the user to send voice and image files to friends and family. Also user can forward and delete multiple messages.
  • Stereo Bluetooth A2DP audio. You will be able to pair you iPhone 3.0 with a stereo Bluetooth A2DP device, like headphones or speakers.
  • Unlocked Bluetooth functionality on 2G iPod touch
  • Spotlight: A search tool that can be accessed just to the left of the home screen, It allows the user to search their entire collection of applications and music, as well as email and notes.
  • 3G Tethering is supported in the client side and Apple will work with its carriers around the world on that.
  • Parental controls for TV shows, movies and App Store apps.
  • Auto-login for WiFi hotspots.
  • iPod Library Access:Access music, podcasts, or audio books in a user’s iPod library directly from your application using the updated Media Player framework. You can play, repeat and shuffle songs or whole playlists, or create sequences of songs using custom searches.
  • Apple Push Notification service : The Apple Push Notification service provides a way to alert your users of new information, even when your application isn’t running. Send text notifications, trigger audible alerts, or add a numbered badge to your application icon.
  • Voice memos: Apple’s default recorder isn’t very different from the myriad of ones currently available on the app store, but you can send recorded audio through email or the new MMS feature.
  • Support for new calendar types. In iPhone OS 3.0 you will be able to subscribe to calendars on the web using two protocols: CalDAV—supported by Google and Yahoo—and subscriptions via the .ics format—which is what Apple uses in iCal.
  • Landscape keyboard: Now available in all applications, users can access a wider keyboard for more ease with texting, surfing the web and sending emails.
  • Landscape view available for Mail, Text and Notes.

Apple’s major apps have all been expanded with search functionality.

  • Note Sync, with itunes.
  • YouTube account support.
  • Form auto-fill.
  • Shake the shuffle iPod music. If you are in your iPod application, you just need to shake it to start the shuffling mode. Hopefully this will be optional for sports people out there.
  • Close all Safari windows at once
  • Search can be done to all of the key applications, starting with Mail. You can search from, to, subject, and all headers. If the message isn’t on your iPhone, you can continue that search on the server.
  • Stocks: Added support for news stories at the bottom, and details right in the app. Also there is a landscape view.”
  • Add contacts: Facility to add photos / audio to your devices if you get them in a message.
  • Landscape view in Mail, Notes and SMS
  • Anti-phishing.
  • You can select multiple pictures and copy them, then paste them into a mail message.
  • With 3.0, accessory developers can build custom apps that talk directly to that hardware.”

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