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Bloons – An iPhone’s Top-Ten App

Best iPhone AppsIt’s been a marvellous week for Award-winning game studio Digital Goldfish, as their brilliantly addictive iPhone title Bloons fired straight into the top ten paid for apps in the UK. Originally developed by New Zealand studio Ninja Kiwi, the iPhone and iPod Touch versions retain the addictive appeal and long-lasting replay value that made the flash version an internet sensation.

In the game Bloons, your goal is to pop all of the balloons on the screen by throwing darts at them. In each of the games 50 levels the balloons are arranged in a different order. With each level you are given a specific amount of darts to throw at the balloons (sometimes just one) and a target number of balloons you’ll have to pop to move on to the next level.

Levels get progressively harder as you go on and start adding things like a bouncing wall, and walls you have to break through to get to the balloons. You also encounter “special balloons” which start effects such as giving you a boomerang rater than a dart to throw, or giving you the ability to throw three darts at once. Players must use a combination of the environment, power-ups and well-placed shots to hit the targets and pass onto the next level.

Bloons is a simple yet hugely addictive game which requires skill, determination and a little bit of monkey magic, Bloons is a puzzling skill game which will have you begging for just one more go!

Fans of the online game and those yet to experience the Bloons phenomenon are sure to enjoy this iPhone conversion.

Bloons is one of the most addictive arcade games available today, made better by iPhone touch-screen control and a host of forthcoming exclusive features which will be available for download via App Store throughout the year.

An expansion pack to the game is on the way with more exclusive features for you to add to your game. Keep your eyes on our blog for more info as it comes.

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