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Bumper Cars

Bumper CarsThe release of the first Bumpercars App in the App store does bring one word to mind: original. In the seemingly bottomless pit of the “Racing Games” category of monster trucks, motorcycles and drag racing – Bumpercars does bring it with the originality. Perhaps this is why at last look it was #42 in its category and climbing. However, it is not without its faults.

While this little gem did not fail to give us four minutes of some self proclaimed “old fashioned fun”, it does lack the usual added features and 3D graphics of its competition. It lacks a pause button which may annoy some users.

The cars look like little bugs, and could use a graphical polish once the next update comes out. Collecting coins and power batteries is fun, but some added power and point incentives couldn’t hurt. When the cars ‘bump’, we’d like to see a ‘bounce’ and maybe some sparks like ‘real’ bumpercars? I am sure we’ll see some improvements soon.

The background graphics are cool – and one last thing – the music rocks.

It’s not the typical music you’d expect (and everyone may not love it) but to us, it was something to look forward to as each level came to a close. As one reviewer put it, “I found myself actually avoiding the other cars just to be able to hear the background tracks!” Good call.

There is something about this family friendly little gem that got us playing and trying to beat our last score (worldwide scores are all recorded on the company website). There are more critiques this reviewer could give, but I don’t want to make it seem like Bumpercars isn’t worth your hard earned two bucks. It is.

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One comment on “Bumper Cars

  1. Bobby Dee on said:

    Good review and decent app – but the it fails to mention the most important thing about this App – it is great for KIDS!! I am a dad of 3 and my kids LOVE this game. Highly recommended for parents/kids.

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