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iPhone is Must for Students of Missouri University

Apple has been a strong player in the education vertical for years via its Mac juggernaut. Now it appears that the iPhone and iPod touch has a shot at extending that dominance.

The latest is that Missouri’s Journalism school is requiring students to acquire an iPod touch or iPhone. According to the university’s Website, journalism students starting classes in the fall will be required to purchase an Apple iPhone or an iPod touch. The requirement has been imposed to allow for the delivery of “freshman-orientation information” as well as course material.

Students will be able to download course material from the iTunes University, a free aspect of the iTunes store. The university said students who do not yet own an iPod touch, classified as “the minimum requirement,” or an iPhone should contact the school’s computer store.

“Many, many schools are starting to do this. We will start recording lectures so that students may review them before exams,” the Web page states. “Students also will have ready access to critical information on where to find help to solve various problems thanks to material we will deliver in conjunction with freshman orientation.”

The university admits that the iPhone and particularly the iPod touch are music players, but argues the devices offer much more to students. TigerTech, the school’s technology store, estimates that 90 percent of Missouri students already have iPods. Students with financial aid packages may include the cost of the iPod touch or iPhone (the school offers the touch for $229 on its store site) and packages because it is required, the Web page says.

“We are trying to take advantage of that as a means to deliver course content,” the university said. “The video capability of the iPod touch and iPhone makes this an ideal delivery platform and gives students a device on which they can review lectures and other course material while on the go or working out.”

Moreover, June 2008 survey of 6,452 students worldwide found 51 percent of students say that when they have a choice, they opt to use an electronic version over a print version of a book “often” or “very often.”

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