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Review of Popular iPhone Apps

With the advent of so many iphone apps available in the market, its getting difficult to decide on which app to go for. Some apps obviously stand out much more than others do and here we’ll be discussing two most popular iphone apps.

Emergency Radio: Best iPhone AppsEmergency Radio is one of the top paid iphone app these days. Currently on no. 2 the app streams a variety of emergency services. The app has been developed by EdgeRift and comes for $0.99. However a Lite version of the application is available for free for the new users to get a trial, but it only includes five total frequencies.

The application allows you to browse over 900 different police, fire, EMS and other emergency service frequencies. The app lets you listen to a variety of emergency radio channels from across the country via the iPhone’s WiFi, EDGE and 3G connections. You can view a list of available streams in alphabetical order or if you know the name of the stream you’re looking for then you can simply type it in the search box. Apart from providing the information about the happenings around you the app comes with various other unique features such as Core Location to quickly locate nearby frequencies. You can also put in the search parameters based on how far away you want the application to search. The application then shows you the available streams in order of closest to you to furthest away. Emergency Radio offers customizable favorites list, and a list of scanner codes to help you follow the chatter. It also allows you to keep a list of your favorite streams.

The application is available in the app store and can become an extremely important tool for some while others can get full entertainment from it.

Top Gun: Best iPhone AppsTop gun for the ipod touch and iphone is made available in the app store by Paramount Digital Entertainment. The game is developed by Freeverse Software and has got inspiration from the 1986 classic film. The story line picks up where the “Top Gun” film left off. The players are placed at the United states Navy Fighter Weapons School with Maverick and Iceman now as instructors, teaches you to fly and become the next top gun. The game comes for $1.99 providing its users real time experience of fighter sitting in a cockpit and fighting with enemies.

The game can be picked up easily, and doesn’t require any advanced flying skills. Cut scenes and a story line are provided in a cartoon style. Missions are selected through choosing one of the available briefing folders and option has been given to replay them. There are two ways in which to play the game, either in a linear “Story Mode,” or by quickly replaying previously completed missions. The game requires you to escape enemy attacks by focusing on the combat and action. Gamers can snatch Russian MiGs, pilot a F-22 Raptor or a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, and evade incoming air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. As the levels progresses the pace of the action increases, but remains fun throughout. Various environments are used, from open deserts to the sparkling sea. The graphics used in the game look excellent and plane models are reasonably detailed.

To sum it up this is a fast paced, action-packed game which is an excellent example of the iphone game development.

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