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Stick Wars- Best iPhone App

Stick Wars is a fast paced iphone game. The game is about defending your castle against the invading army. It requires a good amount of intellect and smart strategies to play the game properly. In this exciting game you are the owner of a castle and you have to defend the castle walls before the oncoming troops tear it down. The game is designed by John E. Hartzog and is priced at $0.99.

Best iPhone Apps

The game uses stick figures for the enemy troops. The game begins by projecting the user as a castle and and little stick figures start running at the castle walls. The dilapidated walls can be repaired but when the walls die, you lose. Now to defend the castle walls, you must use the tools, some of which have to be bought with the money you get from killing the stick invaders.

The tools used in the game are Flick, Suicide Bombers, Archery Tower and Wizard Tower. Flick is the most frequently used method of killing. In this you fling the stick invaders with your fingers thus killing by throwing them on the ground. Also option has been given to change the amount of blood that comes out of the body. Suicide bombers can be destroyed by shaking the screen or hitting the bomb button to release a man holding a huge bomb. Shaking again detonates the bomb, blowing the man as well as all around him. There is an option in the game to capture the prisoners and later on train them as an archer. The arrow deaths gives you less money per kill than flinging people up in the air. The wizard power allows you to double tap on the stick fighters to capture them neatly. It also gives another power to double tap the screen to get a giant meteor that kills everything in a huge radius. Again such killings gets you less money that you would probably get through flinging.

The gaming application allows you to play it for unlimited rounds until defeated. The game has original graphics and sound effects that makes the game even more enjoyable. Option has been given to listen to iPod music at the background. Overall the application is highly enjoyable and gives a thrilling experience to its players.

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