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Tease your brain with BrainTeaser

Best iPhone appsIf you like challenging Puzzle cracking games, then BrainTeaser is a game made for you. It can tease your brain in five minutes. At present BrainTeaser from Uwe Meier (developer of exciting puzzle games for the iPhone ) is the top free application available in the App Store.

The concept of the game is simple, but you need a very sharp brain, insight and speed to tame this crazily challenging puzzle game. If you bank on luck, you will likely find yourself stuck.

Its a very addictive mind twister puzzle game. There is a pattern in the lower left side of the screen that you have to copy into the tiles in the main screen. You touch the tiles to flip them around to change color. If you flip one tile, all of the neighboring tiles will also filp. You have to do this in a limited time – so better think fast how the final pattern has to look like after applying the transformations. If you finish it you go to the next level and get bonus points for time left. You have the option to disable the timer, but your score would not be added to the hall of fame.

In the initial levels, you just need to turn the yellow grids to chocolate, however in the higher levels, the patterns become a mixture of the two colors. That’s where the real burning of brain begins.

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