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iPhone 3GS : The Fastest IPhone Announced

Apple launched the new iPhone 3GS on 8 June 2009 as a follow up to its popular iPhone 3G. With this Apple remains at the leading edge of smartphone innovation with the iPhone 3GS. Apple’s iPhone has transformed how the world thinks of cellphones. Phone companies and hardware-makers follows the iPhone’s touchscreen interface, easy access to the Internet, and bustling App Store. According to the Apple Hot News, “iPhone 3GS is the finest iPhone Apple has made”.

The S is for “speed”
iPhone FeaturesThe iPhone 3G S is a major step forward in terms of the iPhone’s technological underpinnings. Its processor runs at 600 MHz, compared to previous models’ 412MHz. It’s got 256MB of RAM, compared to 128MB in previous models. The lack of external changes belie what’s going on underneath the iPhone 3G S’s glass and plastic exterior. The iPhone’s last upgrade added a faster cellular radio and a GPS chip, but otherwise, the iPhone 3G’s internals were largely unchanged from the original iPhone.

From inside, the iPhone 3GS has been fully redesigned, with new core components (CPU, memory, integrated compass, video recorder) in different locations, no less. And together with the iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade (which makes many compelling features available to existing iPhone customers), the iPhone 3GS stands tall. After pounding on it, you will find that at the full-subsidy prices, the 3GS is a surprisingly worthy upgrade for heavy users of the phone’s Web and gaming capabilities, and for general-use apps–even if you’re only jumping from the iPhone 3G. Not only do apps open faster, they respond faster, too.

Apple claims the battery’s talk time over 3G should be about the same as with iPhone 3G (5 hours), and more than twice that (12 hours) over EDGE. For data, the company rates the battery at up to 9 hours time over Wi-Fi, and 5 hours over 3G.

One pleasant battery-related addition is a new Battery Status indicator, which you enable In General/Usage. It often left one wondering aloud why earlier iterations of iPhone couldn’t do this seemingly basic task?

The iPhone 3G S boots faster than any other iPhone OS-based device, and launched every app in record time. Its Safari browser had the dramatically fastest JavaScript engine as measured by the SunSpider benchmark, and loaded Web pages dramatically faster as well. Every aspect of using the phone felt noticeably faster on the iPhone 3G S than on the iPhone 3G. Even actions that only took moments before now happen instantaneously.

The speed doesn’t stop with app launches and fast-loading Web pages, either. The iPhone 3G S supports the new OpenGL ES 2.0 standard, meaning that a slew of iPhone game apps will be able to capitalize on advanced graphics features to create higher-quality graphics than have been seen on the iPhone up to now. But more important, the iPhone 3G S is just better when it comes to graphics.

The 3GS so far has generated very strong sales figures, as Apple says that it has sold more than one million 3GS models since its release on Friday. iphone is a significant improvement over the original iPhone 3G in terms of processing power, storage, memory and battery life.


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Zooloretto: a high quality simulation of a board game

Zooloretto is an iPhone and iPod conversion of a very famous German zoo board game. The game created by SpinBottle Games and published by Chillingo, was released on Jun 15, 2009. The highly enjoyable game has already become very famous and has got good rating from its users. The app comes for $4.99 and takes 9.7 MB of file size.

This high quality game can be played with your computer opponents or friends although sharing a single iPhone. The goal of the game is to make your Zoo thrive before your opponents do. In this game you have to balance zoo animals of varying sizes , all while trying to bring maximum visitors. Like the board game there are eight species of animals in the game all shown in most attractive colors. Playing it in turns makes it even more interesting when you can keep a strategy rolling over time. The game keeps you involved maintaining a tricky balance of attack versus defense.

While the very idea of building a zoo choosing colourful wild animals making different noises might sound a bit kiddish, but the game itself offers enough strategy and tactics for it to be a worthwhile challenge.

Zooloretto is a family game that keeps you involved in its small strategies. The game looks pretty simple to start with, but keeps getting more and more complex as you go along. The app runs really smoothly and is a highly polished game. Overall its an entertaining and very stylised, game that keeps you absorbed in it.


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BeejiveIM 3.0 with Push Notification

Here comes BeejiveIM 3.0 a social media iphone app with Both the paid and free versions of AIM . With BeejiveIM 3.0 you can get push notification, means you will get alerts for new messages even when you are not connected to the application. You will be notified each time when anyone sends message.

BeejiveIM 3.0 will support AIM/MobileMe, Facebook, GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, and many more services of which a man is known to and using now a days.While using this iphone app one can logged in for 24 hours in a day and can receive notifications via SMS for those times when logged out .This easily saves on SMS charges from your account.

While the $10 price tag might seem a bit steep, it’s definitely worth it if you like chatting Some of the features of this application are follow :

Best iPhone Apps
* Be connected 24/7
* Gentle on battery
* Push Notifications
* Yahoo
* Google Talk
* Facebook IM
* Jabber
* Myspace IM
* Send and receive files
* Real time chats


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AT&T Jumps Into iPhone Turn-by-turn Nav Fray With ‘Navigator’

Best iPhone AppsA number of companies were talking smack about being on track to release the first full-featured turn-by-turn navigation for the iPhone in the North American market, even as AT&T and partner TeleNav were quietly working in the background, getting their Navigator ready for release soon after iPhone OS 3.0 launched. Now, Navigator is in the pole position with a strong product and a new billing method for the App Store: The app is free, but users will pay for the service ($9.99 per month) on their AT&T wireless bills. AT&T Navigator features include:

* Turn-by-turn directions with text-to-speech.
* Automatic wireless updates.
* Traffic detection and avoidance and alternate routing.
* 2D and 3D maps.
* Business listings.
* Search for businesses along route.
* Gas by price.
* Online trip planning and pre-planning with import.

Watch for a full review of this app here Image © AT&T


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mAdvNote – Multi-Functional Note App

mAdvNote for iPhone is a multi-functional note app, belonging to the category of Productivity. It is developed by Mcleaner Team, a very professional team dedicated to iphone apps.

What’s the difference compared with similar products? Here it is: it supports photo,voice and sketching besides text notes.It enables you to take notes quickly and easily depending on your current need and then store them in iPhone. What’s more important, you can insert pictures to a note or just add text description after you take a photo, like what we do with microsoft word. The note and the picture is as a whole but not two seperate parts. It’s really a major breakthrough. And you can move up or down the picture and the text.

What can you do with mAdvNote?

  • Write text notes
  • Record voice messages
  • Sketch your ideas with a finger
  • Take photos with comments instantly
  • Various ways of taking note. You can make a note with text and graphics integrated,such as text+photo,text+record+skeching,sketching+photo+record+text,etc.
  • The order of text/photo/record/skecthing can be changed randomly
  • Share the information stored within your notes by email
  • Find notes instantly with search,and sort by tag or date features

Now it is already on AppStore, and you can download it at itunes.apple.com.It’s price has dropped to 1.99$. Also you can try out mAdvNote Lite, which is free but only allows you to create 3 notes.

To sum it up, the app is fairly intuitive and user-friendly and comes with a search option for finding saved notes. It doesn’t have to be used for simple productivity but the features of the app would make a nice little iPhone scrapbook as well. Therefore, mAdvNote is a nifty little combo app with a bizarre name, which is highly flexible.


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