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Photogene Photo Enhancer for iPhone

Best iPhone AppsPhotogene is about improving your digital photos and having fun while at it. Developed by Omer Shoor, this user-friendly app makes cropping, adjusting, and adding fun effects to your photos a breeze. Photogene can edit images in your library as well as ones taken with the built-in camera, so the app works with both the iPhone and the camera-less iPod touch.

Photogene is an iPhone “touch up” utlity that can be used to touch up or enhance photos you take with your iPhone. The touch up features include a crop option, rotate option, three filters, color adjust, symbols, and frames. When you finish with your editing, you can save the photo or start over (take a new photo or edit a new photo). There is an undo button to undo the last edit.

With the crop feature of Photogene, you can choose to crop it with a specific ratio (3:4, 9:16, etc). The area that will be cropped appears highlighted on the picture, and you can resize it or move it around. One nice thing is that as your resizing the crop, you can see the pixel size that the new image will be – very useful. You can’t do a free-form crop however.

The rotate allows you to rotate the picture by 90% or flip the picture on an axis. If your image is at an angle, you can also do some slight angle adjustments to make it level.

The app comes with three filters – sharpen, pencil, and effect (which includes sepia, night vision, or infrared (heat vision). With sharpen and pencil, you can adjust the level of effect as well. Pencil is sort of cool, making your picture look like a pencil drawing.

In this app, you can see the color histogram and either adjust it manually or automatically for the best color image. You can also adjust the exposure, contrast, saturation, color temperature, as the actual RGB levels.

You can add symbols like stars, word ballons (with text), arrows – about 13 symbols in all. These aren’t anything really that help the picture, but they can make a picture a little more entertaining.

Lastly, you can add a frame – ranging from a “blurred” frame that doesn’t have a distinct edge to more tradition picture frames to a stamp border or photo album “taped on the corners” frame. There are about 15 frames in all to choose from.

Edit your photo, go artistic or be playful. Photogene enables it all in one program.

It’s not just a one time app. Photogene fulfills a wide range of your editing needs. Changes are fast and immediate and the features are continuously available on screen. You can navigate easily among the different tools. The app allows you to zoom in and out and move the picture around, without damaging the editing work. Landscape editing is supported.

When satisfied, save to your photo library for later use (such as emailing or uploading to your favorite sites). Photogene preserves the resolution of photos taken with the iPhone camera.

Photogene received PC Magazine editor choice award and was picked by iLounge magazine as one of the best 100 iPhone apps. All in all, this is a good, all around photo touch up tool for the iPhone. Rather than just rely on applying filters, you can make some manual adjustments to things like saturation and exposure to try to bring out the best in your pictures.

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