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StarMap an Awesome App for Star Geeks

Best iPhone Apps“Starmap” an amazing app specially for star gazers was released on 28th June 2008 by Frederic Descamps. It is a powerful sky navigation tool, written by a professional astronomer and priced at $11.99. Starmap is a pocket planetarium that manages to cram the universe into the iPhone. It brings present and future sky map at the tip of your fingers. The app presents you a screen that shows a sky full of planets, visible stars, named stars, galaxies and nebulae etc.

Starmap has the basic traits with detailed information such as 110,000 stars, 250 with names, nine planets, all Messier objects, optional constellation lines and coordinate grids. Besides this, it has a couple of features that really take advantage of the iPhone hardware. Nicest of all is the integration of the accelerometer that tips the view vertically and horizontally, and you can pinch and zoom into the screen to get a closer look at the arrangement of the points of light. You can adjust the sky and stars brightness on your screen to match your actual viewing conditions. All info regarding the planet and constellation is available in various languages such as English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Starmap contains complete info on the following:

  • 120,00 visible stars
  • 200 main stars with names and more details
  • 150 galaxies and nebulae

The app comes with appealing features such as :

  • Deep sky objects images.
  • Tonight’s bests selection.
  • Time slider.
  • Lunar calendar.
  • Constellations boundaries.
  • Automatic viewpoint using the built-in accelerometer.
  • Pinch and zoom as if you were looking in a telescope.
  • Finder arrow for localizing objects.
  • Adjust sky and stars brightness matching your observation conditions
  • Full coordinates, ecliptic, celestial equator
  • Complete ephemeris, including moon phase and planets satellites views
  • Touching map items brings up info panel
  • Flash light for Night Vision mode
  • Shooting star zones
  • GPS support
  • Custom user locations

In short it is a wonderful app that can help you search constellations you’re looking for, planets, shooting star zones and more.

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