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The Sims 3 iPhone Game Hits No.1 Slot on App Store

Best iPhone AppsGames publisher Electronic Arts has now made The Sims 3 available in the market for the iPhone, PC, Mac and the iPod Touch. The game is available in the App Store for downloading at $9.99 and takes up 63.7MB. The Sims 3 for iPhone is the number one selling product and is the winner of IGN Editor’s Choice Award and PocketGamer Gold Award.

It is the sort of game in which the player builds something complex like a social life over a long period of time. The Sims 3 players have virtually endless creative possibilities, as it allows you to create and manage your very own Sim any way you deem fit. You can choose the Sim’s physical characteristics such as gender,hair/eye color, clothing etc along with his personality traits.

The player is given an option to select 5 traits from a list the includes both positive and negative personality tweaks. From there you are supposed to be guiding this life. You can fall in love, pick a fight, take a job, cause mischief all over town, and even talk to trees. The game features an open-world 3D environment that allows you to do whatever you wish from designing the interior and exterior of your Sims’ surroundings to fulfilling their basic needs.The Sims 3 features 73 goals and wishes for your Sim and will give you little nudges now and then that let you know if they have a particular desire. Your Sim can hold on to several wishes at a time, from wanting a promotion at work to making home repairs that are stacked neatly in a small panel on-screen.

There are quite a few minigames inside Sims 3 for different activities, such as fishing, cooking and repairing broken items. The cooking game, for example, makes you hit pots lightly on the stove and shaking the iPhone so that nothing burns. Successfully completing minigames upgrades the skill associated with it.

The game is well-crafted and preserves the look and feel of the rest of the titles in the series. The Sims 3 gives its players the ultimate freedom to choose whether to fulfill their destiny, giving them lifetime happiness and rewards or not. In the end the circle of life is infinite in The Sims 3, that keeps you playing for hours on end.

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