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Apple Releases MobileMe iDisk application

Apple MobileMe iDisk application is now available to iPhone users. This avant-garde app offer users a way to access files they or their MobileMe contacts have stored on Apple’s server. Apple deserves a round of applause for its efforts to give its users a first party way to access their files. However, it still offers much less than the third parties have provided to date.

The MobileMe iDisk lets you access quickly the files that you have stored on your iDisk, streams videos. You can also view files in portrait and / or landscape mode. Its features include being able to send and view native file clips including music. Movies will also work but it would have to be formatted first.

The extensive list of features can be described as follows :

* Lets you quickly view files stored on your iDisk
* You can easily access Public folders
* Lets you share files from your iPhone quickly and easily
* Quickly access recently viewed files
* View iPhone supported file types – including iWork, Office, PDF, QuickTime and more (Files larger than 20MB may not be viewable)
* You can view your friends’ files stored online, if you know their MobileMe user names
* You are not required to re-enter your user name and password, as your log-in is saved between sessions.

According to Apple, files larger than 20MB would not work, also photo’s and documents are capped at 30MB. There is no way you can save files for offline viewing, there’s a local cache, but as soon as a newer file needs some space, old files are removed. Copy and paste option doesn’t work in this application.


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Apple’s New Tablet Set To Launch in 2010

A report from Appleinsider has turned the rumor to accepted truth. Apple is coming with a new tablet for your sheer pleasure in 2010. Apple has already finalized the design of the tablet and that Steve Jobs is already quite happy with the product.

According to the report, the device features a 10-inch touchscreen, with 3G data and a custom ARM processor instead of the previously considered Intel Atom processor. The device will be positioned in that empty spot between smartphone and laptop in Apple’s product line.

The device is expected to retail for somewhere between the cost of a high-end iPhone and Apple’s most affordable Mac notebook.

But the analysts believe that the 10 inch touch-sensitive screen, could disrupt the laptop market as much as the iPhone turned the mobile phone industry on its head when it was launched two years ago.


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Today’s Truth : Quest for a New Life

Everyone lives with a question in their mind regarding the Universal Truth of the life. Everyone wants to renew and reinvent their lives. “Today’s Truth”….an amazing life-changing application helps individuals in taking the step in discovering their inner self.

Imagine starting your day with eternasl Truth, that gives you some extraordinary energies to sail through the everyday difficulties easily. We offer you a different scripture and personalized thought everyday, that changes according to your calender. The daily verses are available in the King James, New International and New King James Versions of the Bible.

The App aims to restore a peaceful mind so that you can always feel the pleasure of proximity to the Almighty. Along with a positive, uplifting Bible Verse, the daily thoughts will help you in applying a specific truth to your life. While reading the verses, you will feel enchanted with the exciting wallpapers, which is transformed every month.

Today’s Truth, a powerful application, offers indomitable encouragement to face obdurate challenges of your life. Its daily messages based on practical and biblically inspired teachings offers you an exhaustive acumen so that you can take charge of your future with a clear vision that leads to better lives. For a revisit in the journey, you can save your favorite scriptures on your iPhone.

You can enter into the world of Universal Truth without requiring for a WIFI connection. In addition, your friends can also enjoy the journey along with you as you can E-mail the daily verses and personalized thoughts to them.

You can maintain your relationships like, your relation with your parents, siblings, spouse and reinvent your lifestyle in a heavenly nature under the auspices of Today’s Truth. The amazing app lights up your life’s path in different ways and make it an easy voyage of life for you.


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Baby Pack & Go iPhone App for Parents

Red Box Productions announced that Baby Pack & Go is growing quickly to become one of the most popular applications in the Travel category of the US iTunes App Store since its launch on 25 June 2009. This customizable iPhone and iTouch application provides parents and caregivers a simple solution to make sure they pack and take with them everything their baby or toddler needs the next time they leave home so that they are always prepared and have peace of mind.

Baby Pack & Go helps parents and caregivers create custom checklists that are used to efficiently organize their children packing prior or during outings and trips. By using Baby Pack & Go parents will never again forget to pack a milk bottle, pacifier, or baby wipes into the diaper bag.

Baby Pack & Go is designed for ease of use so that parents and caregivers can quickly and easily use this tool when navigating their busy family lives. Parents can start managing trips instantly by using Baby Pack & Go ready-made packing lists, or can customize and personalize their own lists by adding photos, sounds or background colors. Parents will find an extensive catalog of baby and toddler related items to add to their lists. Additionally, if an item does not exist in the catalog, parents can customize the lists further by adding new item names. Baby Pack & Go helps parents manage all their baby travel needs.

Baby Pack & Go is priced at USD $1.99 and is available to download from any Apple iTunes Store worldwide.


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App Store Spearheads with 1.5 Billion Downloads in 1 Year

Apple’s app store has crossed a landmark with 1.5 billion apps downloaded from its App Store after its inception. The App Store is growing at an incredible pace with more than 65,000 apps and more than 1,00,000 developers in the iPhone Developer Program.

One of the factors that leads to the App Store’s growth is the size of its installed base i.e. 40 million iPhones and iPod touches. The other could be the variety and sheer quantity of applications to choose from i.e. 65,000, according to Apple’s press release.

In a Press Release, Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO said, “The App Store is like nothing the industry has ever seen before in both scale and quality. With 1.5 billion apps downloaded, it is going to be very hard for others to catch up.”

Apple’s App Store has eclipsed its rivals in terms of its downloads volume, as the rate at which customers are buying the apps seems to be increasing day by day. The App Store is the most viable way for mobile developers to get their applications in front of customers. Its store is filled with programs that range from fake beer pouring apps to enterprise-grade programs from Oracle and Salesforce.

The popularity of the App Store has caused Apple’s mobile rivals to launch their own solutions for letting users browse, buy, download, and install apps over the air. It may be even tougher for the competition to catch up because of the App Store’s momentum, but rivals are taking different approaches to carve out their market share.


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