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Get Wiki Tap on Your iPhone

App store is full of Wikipedia Apps for your iPhone & iPod Touch, among them one is the free Wiki Tap app that not only allows you to access Wikipedia articles but offers a host of other cool features as well.

Once you know what you want to look up, and you type the first letter its start thinking and bring up options to shorten/improve your experience (it also helps you out if you’re not the best speller too). After you’ve typed what you need & selected one of the numerous options, you may or may not get what you see at the bottom of this picture.

Wiki Tap includes a Media tab that allows you to read an article and watch a video about it. When you read an article, WikiTap places a small banner along the bottom of the screen (which you can choose to hide or show) with links to different videos on the subject. You can even save media to watch later.

Developer Veveo has given Wiki Tap a fairly easy-to-navigate interface. When you launch the app, it contains a lot of the same information as the Wikipedia home page—a “Today in History” entry, for example, as well as Recently Added in Media tab.

Wiki Tap can use the location feature of the iPhone or iPod touch to find articles tied to your current location. It gives you the option to check your history for a quick reference back to a pervious search, you can also save videos and pictures to “myMedia”, which is, yet another great feature. It’s an ideal feature if you use Wiki Tap to do a lot of research.

In general, Wiki Tap offers a very good, free reference tool for people who need to do research on the fly. A built-in dictionary feature is helpful, though some users might prefer a dedicated app—be it a low-cost version or a more substantial dictionary—for looking up the meaning and spelling of words. A few more updates could turn this app from an interesting Wikipedia client into a very useful tool.

Wiki Tap is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch running the iPhone 2.x software update.

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