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Sliding Mortgage Calculator – An User-Friendly Calculator

Sliding Mortgage Calculator is not your typical, boring mortgage calculator…  Slider Calc is a unique, creative financial tool designed for anyone who likes to “slide” numbers around and create “what-if” scenarios when calculating mortgage payments and loan amounts.

Whether you are a house-hunting home buyer or a professional in the real estate business, the Sliding Mortgage Calculator presents feature-packed, easy-to-use calculators for your convenience. Save time changing calculator inputs by using the slider instead of tapping in new numbers. This slick re-invention of the typical mortgage calculator is appreciable now just because you can literally slide the numbers around!


  • Sliders to quickly change calculator inputs instead of tapping in new values. Simply tap the label to the left of the number to connect the slider to the number, then slide left to decrease the number and to the right to increase it. The app recalculates the results as you are sliding.
  • Home buyers will appreciate the ability to save all calculators under a given name then restore them later.
  • What-If analysis: Instantaneously calculate monthly payment and time for various principal values, interest rates and monthly payments. The sliders help you test a large number of possibilities in seconds instead of minutes of typing in various numbers.
  • Detailed monthly and yearly amortization tables in the mortgage calculator details how monthly payments are broken down into interest and principal repayments. Use this table to see how much money you can save by increasing your monthly payment and reducing interest paid.

This app features four calculators:

  • Mortgage Calculator — calculate monthly payment for a given loan, interest rate and time.
  • Mortgage Time Calculator — calculate time to pay off a loan for a given monthly payment.
  • APR to APY Converter
  • APY to APR Converter

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