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Stream Lyrics with TuneWiki on iPhone

TuneWiki is a fun little app that has made its way to the iPhone and iPod Touch but has been around for a while on the pc. The app claims to do a few different things and actually provides quite the experience.

It’s main feature is that it can take music from your library or music from a radio station that is being played right in the app and display the lyrics to it. As the song is playing, the app will move the lyrics with the beat so that you can keep up with what words are being sung.

TuneWiki also lets you stream music from countless Shoutcast radio stations, and works the same lyric-subtitling magic with most songs.

The app includes a YouTube video search option and supports both Twitter and Facebook: it can automatically update your status to show what song you’re playing. It even emulates the TuneWiki site’s mapping option to show you who’s listening to what in various parts of the world–including yours.

It’s actually quite amazing after taking it all in. The app provide one of the largest collections of radio stations and gives the added bonus of lyrics to music on your device or from those stations. It really is a wonderful app. What’s more amazing is that it is free to download. Users can customize it, send tweets or status updates on Facebook and many more about what song they are listening to. It is definitely worth the grab.

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