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Frogger – A New Challenging Game on iPhone

One of Konami’s first App Store releases, Frogger for the iPhone is available for more than 80% off August 20th through the 22nd.

The game is an adaptation of the studio’s 1981 arcade original featuring updated graphics, an updated soundtrack, and a choice of touchscreen or accelerometer controls–or both combined.

Like the 28-year-old original, the goal of the game is to direct five frogs, one by one, from the starting point at the bottom of the screen to their homes at the top before the timer runs out. It’s a treaturous journey. The lower half of the screen consists of a busy roadway with five lanes of speeding traffic. The upper half contains a rushing river filled with logs, turtles, alligators and other such hazards. The challenge is getting the frog home safely without getting flattened, drowned (this was always puzzling…), or eaten. It sounds simple, but can be rather challenging.


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Calc Zero – A Nice Unit-Converting Calculator

Calc Zero is designed “exclusively” for the iPhone, taking full advantage of its flexible 21st century user interface, and accommodating the limitations of its small display. Retro calculators that slavishly copy last century’s state-of-the-art simply can’t compare.

Its a great iPhone calculator that lets you convert between a wide range of variables, a clean interface that is easy to use. The colors are reminiscent of popular business calculators, and the buttons jiggle when you tap them.

With Calc Zero, the most common unit conversions are trivially easy and fast–faster than most non-calculating unit convertors out there.

  • Want to convert liters to cubic inches? Touch two buttons.
  • Want to convert cubits to attoparsecs? That’s just a couple extra touches.

But Calc Zero does far more than mere conversions. Common math operations are equally important. With Calc Zero, doing math with disparate units has never been easier.

  • Need to halve a recipe while converting it from English units to metric? Piece of cake.
  • Need to convert, add, subtract, multiply, or divide feet, inches, and fractions of inches? We’ve got you covered.

Its main features include::

  • Rapid unit conversions.
  • Supports commonly used US and metric COOKING measures.
  • Simple, functional, and attractive interface.
  • Optionally enter and display numbers as FRACTIONS.
  • EQUALS KEY IS OPTIONAL. If you prefer, enter operations using RPN (Reverse Polish Notation).
  • Exponential, logarithmic, and trig operations are fast and easy.
  • Supports many US and metric Length/Area/Volume units, and allow mathematical operations between compatible units (e.g., 2ft * 45.72cm = 3sq.ft).
  • Supports math operations on hours, minutes, seconds, days, years, etc.
  • Other unit conversion modes include: Mass/Weight Mode (US and metric), Speed Mode (miles/hour, kilometers/hour, meters/sec, etc.).
  • Dice Mode generates random numbers.
  • User-selectable settings for sound, operator entry mode, display precision, etc.

You can covert any type of conversions like scientific, length, area, cooking, volume, trig, speed, time, dice, currency, tiny length, tiny area. And finally there is a fun hidden feature. Type any numbers and flip the iPhone upside down to find out what if numbers translate to spell a word.

This 3rd Party App is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore. Browse the full list of all AppStore apps filed under the AppStore category.


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Aji Annotate PDF

Aji Annotate is a fully-featured PDF reading AND markup/annotation tool, allowing you to read, search, and organize all of your PDF documents. Aji Annotate features include:

  • The ONLY complete PDF reader on the App Store: Use all PDF features, including Links, Outlines/Bookmarks, Annotations, and Password-Protected Documents. All annotations you add to your documents will still be visible when you upload them to your computer as standard PDF annotations in Adobe Reader, Acrobat or Preview.

  • Annotation Support: Several kinds of document mark-up are supported, including Text Notes, Highlighting, Underlining, Strike-Through, free-form “Finger” annotations, Straight-Line annotations, and Named Bookmarks.

  • Complete set of Reading Features: Portrait and landscape viewing, scroll and zoom gestures, bookmarks, go-to-page functionality, fullscreen reading, orientation and scroll lock, page number display, accessibility features, and more!

  • Full Copy/Paste: Select and copy text directly from your PDF files to the clipboard, and use the iPhone-standard copy/paste interface when working with annotations.

  • Reliability: Aji Annotate easily handles Documents with thousands of pages, and libraries with thousands of Documents — use Aji Annotate to have mobile access to ALL of your Documents.

  • Document Search: Full-text search any size document quickly and easily.

  • Library Search: Instantly search your entire Document Library, using one or more keywords — Aji Annotate will display a list of all Documents that match your search.

  • Web Download: Use Aji Annotates’s integrated browser to locate and Download PDFs from the web. Or, find PDF files in Mobile Safari and quickly send them to Aji Annotate for import into your Library.

  • In-app Mail: Easily add your PDF files as e-mail attachments.

  • Aji Support: Get started quickly with our complete User Guide and in-app help topics and tips. Our top-notch support team is also available to address any issues you might encounter.

  • Windows and Mac support: Aji Annotate is most functional with the use of the Aji Reader Service, which is available as a free download for both Mac (requires OS X 10.5 or later) and Windows (requires XP or Vista) at: http://www.ajidev.com/annotater/

Aji Annotate is rated 17+ since it allows access to the internet via an integrated web browser. Aji Annotate is available on the App Store for only $4.99 (USD).


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Diamonds – A Free Source of Entertainment

This game demonstrates a couple of movable pieces and a few diamonds. The aim of this game is to get all the diamonds and move on to the next level. Every level is created in such a way that it gets more and more challenging.

The red ball bounces around the walls in the direction indicated by the player by pressing the green arrow keys. You can only move left, right, down and up. Diagonal moves are not permitted.

The Green block can be used as a piece of wall that is controlled by player. The player can either use the red ball or the green block by using the Switch Piece button. In the initial stages the green block is not used, but as and when the levels become more challenging, it is impossible to complete the level without using the green block.

You can switch between levels using the Level Up and Level Down buttons. Also you can restart the game any time you want using the restart buttons (Specially when you are stuck).

There is no score system in the game – the only aim of this game is to finish it in as less moves as possible. Check the bottom of the game screen to track your Move Count. Also it displays Current Object used, Diamonds remaining and Current Level.


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Organize Your iPhone Apps With Movement

Have you ever wanted to rearrange your apps on your iPhone, but ended up messing up pages of apps? Well, now there is a solution for that, and it’s called Movement. It’s an application that makes it easier to rearrange iPhone apps on the iPhone or iPod Touch. It essentially lets your rearrange all of your applications on your iPhone or iPod Touch, straight from your Mac.

Movement is developed by Mac developer Jeff Steiler. You will need a jailbroken iPhone to use Movement, and it is currently available only for Mac users. Jeff has mentioned that Windows users might have to wait for sometime so looks like he is working on a Windows version as well.

Even though there are tricks, which make it a little easier to manage iPhone apps on iPhone’s home screen, but it will be better if Apple should provide a better way to manage iPhone apps within iTunes, as it would be a lot easier to do it on the computer rather than managing them on the iPhone.

Movement does exactly that as it allows users to rearrange iPhone apps on their Mac rather than doing it on the iPhone. You can download the Movement application for free from the developer’s website.


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