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Bloomberg – Powerful and Impressive Finanacial App

The iPhone is a pretty handy tool for finding out plenty of information whenever you need it. With the way the economy is at this point, some of that information you may be looking to get is probably financially related. The Bloomberg app for the iPhone is an app that provides you with financial literature and market analysis for you to view on the go.

The Bloomberg app lets you read the latest financial news headlines, world market updates and stock quotes, charts and news on your iPhone 3G. You can enter you own stock portfolio to track in the app on a regualr basis. Find stocks by entering company names.

The Bloomberg app has four tabs: News, Markets, My Stocks, and Stock Finder. The News area has all of its information pulled directly from the Bloomberg website and will actually download all of the stories to the app if you visit that section on WiFi so you can do some offline reading. The market area shows the Equity Indices in three categories: Americas, Europe/Middle East/ Africa, and Asia/Pacific.

Selecting any of the markets will provide you with a snapshot view of it. The two buttons: Industry Movers and Stock Movers provide a breakdown of their subject in two different views. Back in the snapshot view, if you were to turn your iPhone sideways, it will turn the small 52 week summary chart into a widescreen chart that you can select up to 5 years viewing time. Industrial averages such as the Dow Jones or NASDAQ offer industry moves and stock movers in table or chart format.

If you have your own personal stocks to follow you can find them in the Stock Finder and select them as a favorite for viewing directly from My Stocks next time. This can save you the time and effort of having to look it up again. Bloomberg seems to update fairly fast and provide a lot of useful information. Overall a very powerful and impressive finanacial app, and the free pricetag won’t hurt either. So if following the finance world is your thing, grab this app.

Source: Appvee.com

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