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Calc Zero – A Nice Unit-Converting Calculator

Calc Zero is designed “exclusively” for the iPhone, taking full advantage of its flexible 21st century user interface, and accommodating the limitations of its small display. Retro calculators that slavishly copy last century’s state-of-the-art simply can’t compare.

Its a great iPhone calculator that lets you convert between a wide range of variables, a clean interface that is easy to use. The colors are reminiscent of popular business calculators, and the buttons jiggle when you tap them.

With Calc Zero, the most common unit conversions are trivially easy and fast–faster than most non-calculating unit convertors out there.

  • Want to convert liters to cubic inches? Touch two buttons.
  • Want to convert cubits to attoparsecs? That’s just a couple extra touches.

But Calc Zero does far more than mere conversions. Common math operations are equally important. With Calc Zero, doing math with disparate units has never been easier.

  • Need to halve a recipe while converting it from English units to metric? Piece of cake.
  • Need to convert, add, subtract, multiply, or divide feet, inches, and fractions of inches? We’ve got you covered.

Its main features include::

  • Rapid unit conversions.
  • Supports commonly used US and metric COOKING measures.
  • Simple, functional, and attractive interface.
  • Optionally enter and display numbers as FRACTIONS.
  • EQUALS KEY IS OPTIONAL. If you prefer, enter operations using RPN (Reverse Polish Notation).
  • Exponential, logarithmic, and trig operations are fast and easy.
  • Supports many US and metric Length/Area/Volume units, and allow mathematical operations between compatible units (e.g., 2ft * 45.72cm = 3sq.ft).
  • Supports math operations on hours, minutes, seconds, days, years, etc.
  • Other unit conversion modes include: Mass/Weight Mode (US and metric), Speed Mode (miles/hour, kilometers/hour, meters/sec, etc.).
  • Dice Mode generates random numbers.
  • User-selectable settings for sound, operator entry mode, display precision, etc.

You can covert any type of conversions like scientific, length, area, cooking, volume, trig, speed, time, dice, currency, tiny length, tiny area. And finally there is a fun hidden feature. Type any numbers and flip the iPhone upside down to find out what if numbers translate to spell a word.

This 3rd Party App is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore. Browse the full list of all AppStore apps filed under the AppStore category.

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