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Cartoon Wars – iPhone App Review

Cartoon Wars is an interesting game. Topping the appstore downloads as the number 2 paid app for a while, Cartoon Wars by BLUE is a challenging castle defense game. The object of the game is to conquer the enemy’s tower while defending your own. In fact, the game can go on and on and on until one of the castles falls.

You have a couple of tools to help you with your quest. First, you have a bow mounted on the top of your castle. You can aim this bow by sliding the fire button in the lower right corner of the screen left or right. This button is also used to fire arrows from the bow. The trajectory of the bow does change when you slide the button, but its nearly impossible to shoot it with very much accuracy. Also, be careful firing the arrows too close to your own men. You can destroy your own troops with friendly fire. Having said that, the bow and arrows can be very helpful in slowing down the advance of enemy troops.

Your second line of defense, and probably the more important one, is your troops. When you start a new game, you only have access to warriors. These warriors are deployed by tapping on the warrior symbol at the bottom of the screen. Each warrior costs you 10 mana, which you accumulate over time in each level. As soon as you have enough mana to deploy a warrior, the symbol will light up. Having enough mana to deploy enough troops is key to winning the game. If you save up enough mana, you can upgrade it by tapping on the statue behind your castle. This upgrade will increase production and the maximum number of mana you can store up.

You also earn gold by killing oncoming troops. The gold can be used to buy other upgrades. You can upgrade your castle, your bow and arrow, or your warriors. It can also be used to new types of troops. At the end of each level, you will be given the chance to buy upgrades. However, you can also upgrade during a level by tapping on the pause button. Each level is harder than the one before it and many feature a completely new type of enemy.

Cartoon Wars, is definitely a good castle defense game. It is fun, challenging, and addicting game.

Tips for Playing Cartoon Wars:

  1. The enemy produces troops faster than you can, especially at the beginning of a level when you have little mana. To beat them, you have to prove stronger in another way. Attacking with a large group will often catch them off guard and turn the tables in your favor.

  2. Learn how to use the bow and arrow to your advantage. While it is hard to control, especially at first, it can be essential to winning the game. The enemy does not have a bow and arrow. Don’t be afraid to use yours. If you hold your finger on the fire button, it will fire continuously.

  3. Keep an eye on how much gold you have and remember that you can upgrade mid-level. Tap on the pause button in the top right corner to bring up the menu.

  4. The more upgrades you can get, the better off you will be. If you can drag an easy level out for a long time, you can earn a lot of gold to buy upgrades. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your gold production.

  5. Upgrading mana production not only increases how fast you produce it, but it increases the maximum amount you can hold. Store up lots of mana and then deploy lots of troops at once for a big attack.

  6. When you are buying upgraded troops, be aware of how much they cost to deploy. In some cases it is better to upgrade the warriors or ninjas that are cheap to deploy rather than buying another type of troop that costs 150 or more mana to deploy.

Source: Appchatter.com

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