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Diamonds – A Free Source of Entertainment

This game demonstrates a couple of movable pieces and a few diamonds. The aim of this game is to get all the diamonds and move on to the next level. Every level is created in such a way that it gets more and more challenging.

The red ball bounces around the walls in the direction indicated by the player by pressing the green arrow keys. You can only move left, right, down and up. Diagonal moves are not permitted.

The Green block can be used as a piece of wall that is controlled by player. The player can either use the red ball or the green block by using the Switch Piece button. In the initial stages the green block is not used, but as and when the levels become more challenging, it is impossible to complete the level without using the green block.

You can switch between levels using the Level Up and Level Down buttons. Also you can restart the game any time you want using the restart buttons (Specially when you are stuck).

There is no score system in the game – the only aim of this game is to finish it in as less moves as possible. Check the bottom of the game screen to track your Move Count. Also it displays Current Object used, Diamonds remaining and Current Level.

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