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iOwn – Keep Your Management Specialist With You

Are you aware of everything you own? Do you keep accurate records for all of your possessions? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have or keep an inventory that is reliable and accurate. Yet, as you’ll probably agree, it’s a good idea to manage your assets and possessions. And now you can, with iOwn. Available to users of iPhone Mobile Phones, iOwn is an easy-to-use, effective and reliable Inventory management app. It’s something you need.

iOwn is the inventory management system for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With its versatile attribute system and easy to use yet powerful interface, iOwn can be used to keep track of just about anything. iOwn was designed with a simple goal in mind: to allow the user to create detailed itemized lists of their possessions. From household items that you might want to keep inventory of (for insurance reasons) to detailed information about your rare and valuable collections, iOwn allows to you create and edit an unlimited number of locations, containers and items in one easy to use portable system.

The app provides you with many useful features. For example: it allows you to establish an unlimited number of locations, containers and items so that you can better organize the information you enter into your iPhone. It includes customizable templates that enable you to set up your inventory and lists any way you like. There is a Passcode feature that you can use to “lock away” all of the information you enter and keep it available “for your eyes only.”

You can use another feature that assists in protecting your possessions. That is the feature that lets you assign up to four photographic images per item – your permanent proof that the “asset” photographed belongs to you.

Finally, and equally important to you, the app includes a Free Online Backup for effective data storage. This is your assurance that you will never permanently misplace or lose your lists of possessions.

Its slick, easy and powerful interface makes this application a joy to use and very effective. It’s like having your very own “Management Specialist” always on hand to help you categorize, list and take control of all the things you own.

It can be tedious, difficult and tiresome to take inventory of your possessions … write them down on paper … and keep track of them. The easy way to do it is with iOwn, the safe and sure application that commits information about your possessions to an electronic file. You’ll love it. In fact, it is probably a good idea to download this app today so that you can start using it immediately.

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