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Organize Your iPhone Apps With Movement

Have you ever wanted to rearrange your apps on your iPhone, but ended up messing up pages of apps? Well, now there is a solution for that, and it’s called Movement. It’s an application that makes it easier to rearrange iPhone apps on the iPhone or iPod Touch. It essentially lets your rearrange all of your applications on your iPhone or iPod Touch, straight from your Mac.

Movement is developed by Mac developer Jeff Steiler. You will need a jailbroken iPhone to use Movement, and it is currently available only for Mac users. Jeff has mentioned that Windows users might have to wait for sometime so looks like he is working on a Windows version as well.

Even though there are tricks, which make it a little easier to manage iPhone apps on iPhone’s home screen, but it will be better if Apple should provide a better way to manage iPhone apps within iTunes, as it would be a lot easier to do it on the computer rather than managing them on the iPhone.

Movement does exactly that as it allows users to rearrange iPhone apps on their Mac rather than doing it on the iPhone. You can download the Movement application for free from the developer’s website.

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