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Rope’n’Fly – iPhone App Review

Spiderman, as all of use know has spider – like abilities that let him climb walls, spider like senses, and shoot web out of his hands. Rope’n’Fly is basically a little “Spiderman” type character that you control throughout a city, shooting your web onto many misc. shaped buildings. The objective in the game is to swing as far as you can without hitting the ground. The game features a mysterious red and blue person who shoots strings from his hand and swings through buildings. This seems like a easy task, but once you get your fingers started, its quite difficult!

In the game, you get 3 options (shown above). In the options menu, you get 2 options: Upper part and Lower part colors. Here, you have 6 choices of colors to choose from. In the help portion, you get the basic instructions of the game. And in the play section, you have the 3 difficulties. If your looking for a simple game that passes time, then this app is for you. And for only $.99 in the Appstore, this is a must buy game. And it’s #3 in the top paid section as well!

So players will be taking control of his swinging abilities and sending him on his merry way to defeat the odds and get as far through the large city as he can. Tapping once will shoot out a string at a building and tapping again will release the string.

The game is really a simple one and a ton of fun when you are bored. It’s a simple flash game meant for nothing more than to kill some time. Because of this, it is set at a wonderfully low price and even gives a free version if you are still nervous about what you are getting into.

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