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Car Care 1.30

Car Care 1.30, is a new version of the popular gas mileage and automotive maintenance tracking solution for the iPhone. Fuel economy is automatically calculated for iPhone and iPod Touch users, using miles or kilometers, gallons or liters, in the user’s units of preference: MPG, L/100 km, MPG (UK), or km/L. Reminders for services appear on the app’s badge icon to help make sure all your vehicles get the necessary oil changes, tire rotations, and any other type of service.

Car Care 1.30 adds full map integration, ‘reset’ functionality in case you miss a fill, improved email export, and plenty of help for first-time users.

One question on the minds of some drivers: “Where exactly was that gas station with the great beverage selection?” Full map integration helps you with the answer. Car Care uses the iPhone’s location services and built-in maps to show where on earth was the gas station with the great hazelnut espresso. It can also show the location of your last oil change where they recommended lots of unnecessary services …. help avoid those questionable garages by knowing exactly where in town they are! You can plot a map of all gas or service entries over the last week, month, year, or all time.

If you forget to enter a fill into your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can now designate a gas fill to reset the fuel economy calculation. You can always change it later, in case the receipt for the missing fillup is found.

Car Care is the most international fuel mileage app on the store. It is translated into many languages: German, French, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Any currency throughout the world can be used, as well as any octane of fuel and any service type, whether your vehicle uses unleaded gasoline, diesel, E85, Super, or any other fuel.

Car Care 1.30 helps users eliminate the paper clutter of the little notebook in their automobile’s glove compartment, and eliminate the tedious calculation of fuel economy and important-yet-forgettable scheduled vehicle maintenance. It allows entry of an automobile’s insurance number, license plate, VIN number, and a big photo of the vehicle using the iPhone’s camera or the photo library.

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