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Hunt – A Bunny Hunting Game

Hunt is a game based on the idea of hunting and classic ‘whack a mole’ gameplay! The game has just the right amount of delay on the gun shot and the amount of critters popping up, to make this fun and addictive! With a bit of touch delay, it requires that you be deliberate with your shots. Afterall, this isn’t a machine gun!

As you progress you will see more obstacles including bunnies with bombs and bunnies with flags… From level to level, the rate that the critters pop up will increase, the quantity of critters will jump up and everything gets faster and faster making you think more quickly!

Avoid the critters with the white flags or you will lose one of your three lives! Perhaps even more importantly, be sure to nail those pesky bunnies with bombs or those lives will be lost that much faster! Lose all three and its game over!

This game is a fun and addictive way to spend some time! The great sound effects of the game makes it a real fun. The game will track your best score to give you a nice way to compete against yourself! The Future additions of this game will also support Online score keeping, More modes, Alternative characters, and more!

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