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Official Flickr App Arrives on iPhone

Well, that certainly took long enough. Despite being one of the most popular photo-sharing web sites on the net today, Flickr hasn’t had an official presence in the iTunes App Store until now. The company has just launched their new iPhone application, which lets you both browse and upload photos and videos from your handset.

As you would expect, the new Flickr iPhone application allows you to “shoot, upload, and share” your photos and videos using your handheld device. It supports geo-tagging photos thanks to the iPhone’s GPS capabilities as well as adding photos to sets. You can also use the official app to browse your own photos by sets or tags and track the recent uploads from your Flickr friends. A universal search feature is included too, for searching public photos.

Flickr Has Lots of Competition

For a long time, it seemed as if Flickr was going to be satisfied with having an iPhone-optimized website and not a “real” app when it came to their iPhone/iPod Touch offering. That left the door open – wide open – for a number of developers to create their own Flickr tools. Do a search today for “flickr” in the App Store and you’ll see a page filled with thirty-some results for alternatives to the official app. Although not all the apps are uploaders or photo browsers (some just mention “flickr” in their descriptions), many are. From Flickup to Flickr Sendr to Flickr Search and one of our personal favorites, FlickIt, the choices for interacting with Flickr from your iPhone are plenty.

But Flickr doesn’t just compete with other Flickr-based apps, they also have to deal with the multi-site uploaders…which some could argue are even more useful than Flickr’s own official app. For example, Pixelpipe supports uploading to social networks, micro-blogging services, photo and video sharing sites, blogs, online storage sites, and much more. It’s an incredibly useful tool for anyone who shares photos on multiple sites or just feels more comfortable knowing the data is stored on more than one service in the cloud.

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