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WordMind – An Awesome Word Guessing Game

Sometimes you want to challenge your brain, but donot want to push it too hard, heres come the WordMind Lite. WordMind is an awesome word guessing game. Using as few guesses as possible, you have to try to discover a 5 letter secret word. For each guess, you are told which letters are in the word and whether they are in the correct position.

If you like Mastermind, or the game show Lingo you will enjoy WordMind. WordMind is great to just pick up and play, or to keep your brain busy. No time limit means no pressure.

The lite version lets you play Free Play mode, and limits the number of guessable words to just over a hundred. This version works in Works in both Portrait and Landscape . This version also ask for a hint and it will atuomatically saves the game .

The Full Version lets you play Free Play mode, Marathon and Money Mode. This version offers more than thousands of words to guess and words are 4 to 6 letter words. This version allows you to store local high scores.

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