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Adobe Brings Photoshop To The iPhone

Adobe surprised more than a few people when it made free photo editing software available for the iPhone. One of the major weaknesses of the iPhone is the device’s camera. Many competing camera phones not only take better pictures, but also have advanced editing features. There are no editing features to speak of on the iPhone. Apple expects most users with have an Apple computer, which comes with iPhoto editing software built in.

Photoshop.com Mobile is not the first company to offer on-board photo editing software for the iPhone, but it’s offering the software for free, and it gets most of the basics right.

It works in conjunction with a Photoshop.com account (which is free), and allows users to sync up to 2GB of photos with the Photoshop.com site. The best part of this integration with Photoshop.com is that iPhone users can access their entire online photo library from their phone.

The most basic features offered by the software include cropping, rotating and flipping; ways to alter color exposure, saturation, tin, white and black; filters that apply sketching or soft focus; as well as effects such as vignetting, borders white glow and so on.

Most of the features are enabled with one touch, such as dragging your fingers across the screen to crop and rotate photos.

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