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Contacts Journal – iPhone App Reviews

Imagine having a separate file for each important person in your life, where you can organize and easily look up important information about that person: notes from previous meetings, upcoming events and a tally of favors given and received. With Contacts Journal, you can do all this and more — it’s like having a diary, a to-do list and a favors list for each person, all in one app.

Contacts Journal is a revolutionary approach to organizing your professional and personal relationships. Fully integrated with your iPhone Contacts, Contacts Journal is the first app that lets you keep person-by-person records of past interactions, upcoming events/reminders and favors. Right now, you might store this information in multiple places, making it hard to find when you really need it. Or you keep it all in your head, where it’s easily forgotten. Here’s what can happen:

  • You waste hours rummaging through old notepads, searching for notes from a long-ago meeting with a colleague
  • You meet a good friend after a few months and can’t remember her newborn’s name
  • You had a long discussion with your boss some weeks ago but can’t recall the details, so when he follows up with you, you’re blank
  • A client did you a big favor, but you forgot to thank her when you met some weeks later

Sound familiar? With Contacts Journal, you will always be on top of things. A quick glance at the contact’s file before you meet them next, and all important information that you have recorded from previous meetings will be available to you. Check the To-do section to see any reminders you set yourself, or look at the Favors section to keep track of how generous you’ve been. What’s more, with one click, you can easily view your records and reminders across all your contacts by date, in a traditional diary or to-do list view.

People appreciate it when you remember things that are important to them. Don’t keep it all in your head … use Contacts Journal to track the people who matter most.

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