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Crazy Bee – iPhone App Review

This game is quite entertaining and can be played in either “single” or “dual” player mode. If played in a “single” mode the player will compete against the system. The objective of this game is to occupy the bee hive. The bee hive has colored cells and the player trys to go as far as they can go to occupy more cells than the opponent. To do so, the player(s) take turns in selecting a bee, whose color corresponds with as many cells as possible. When chosen, the bee flies over the beehive, filling the corresponding cells. The player that occupies the most cells in the bee hive wins. For a more challenging game, the player has the option of choosing the color level of the cells: minimum of 5 with a maximum of 9 colors.

How to Play:The player has to choose the right colored bee in order to advance and occupy more of the bee hive. All of the bee hive cells which have the same color as the chosen bee gets occupied and become white. This indicates that those cells have been occupied. The bee chosen by the opponent will not be available for the player to choose. At the end, if more than half of the bee hive is occupied then the game ends.

The “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Expert” levels, will allow users to extend the bee hive cells from 200 up to 800 cells. The “Colored” mode will allow players to color occupy cells and the “BW” mode will allow players to occupy the bee hive in black and white. Sound “On” and “Off” modes are also available. Spanish, French, Italian and German support is coming soon.

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