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Google Maps Now Serving Ads on iPhone

Whether you own an iPhone or not, you’re surely aware of its Google Maps support, a feature heavily advertised from the first iPhone generation. And in case you do use one right now, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised to notice that Google has begun serving ads within Google Maps.

It’s pretty annoying to have ads popping up when all you wanted to is find a certain location. On the other hand Google definitely wants to cash in on all those Apple customers that have purchased an iPhone or iPod touch. And there are quite a few millions of those wondering around Earth and using Google Maps.

The good news is that Apple is quietly working on its own Google Maps version which should replace Google’s version at some point in the future. Apple has purchased PlaceBase, a company which happens to create a similar mapping application. It looks like Apple wants to part ways with Google and that’s understandable too. After all both Apple and Google have hot mobile operating systems competing for more market share !

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