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Now Enjoy Hangman on Your iPhone

Hangman is one of the first simple puzzle word games many children learn: the rules are few and simple, and the game—which, in its original pen-and-paper version, is usually a two-player affair—grows along with your (and your opponents’) vocabulary. Another attraction may be that it’s usually not too difficult to win, and when you win, your opponent doesn’t really lose. They just haven’t chosen a challenging enough word for you to solve.

Letters are picked one at a time, a wrong guess results in a part of the stickman figure being drawn. If the stickman figure is completed before all the letters in the word are picked then the game is lost. Includes single player and two player modes.

In single player mode words are picked from one of the built in word lists. In two player mode one person enters a word for the other player to guess. Play the traditional paper and pencil guessing game of hangman on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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