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Shape Builder – Amusing App for Your Kid

Shape Builder is an amusing puzzle game that make your youngsters can have fun with. Shape Builder is the iPhone and iPod Touch app designed by parents to keep both you and your toddler happy. This game gives challenge to put shapes of various animals, objects or figures into place.

A great little jigsaw app for children aged 3 to 5 years with around 146 puzzles for their enjoyment. Older children will probably not find it challenging enough, younger children won’t grasp the context.

The puzzles depict figures and objects that are familiar to the toddler, while the alphabet is spelled out by a professional speech therapist. The puzzles each feature their own accompaniment of merry made-up music. Each puzzle is made up of 5 to 10 puzzle pieces, giving your toddler the right amount of a challenge.

The game mode is so simple that there are no options; there is no need. The title screen automatically takes you to your first puzzle and when you finish one, it takes you to the next. The puzzles pieces are to the left, with a black and white outline of a picture on the right. Children slide the pieces in (which they can even do with some guess work) and when they complete the picture it automatically takes them to the next picture. Your toddler will play with the alphabet, 20 numbers, listen to over 30 musical instruments, recognize 37 animals, 17 fruits and vegetables plus a whole bunch of other fun items.

Shape Builder encourages cognitive thinking and fine motor skills for your toddler, and the game succeeds admirably at it. The great mix of puzzle, music and fun artwork seemed to give the developer Darren Murtha the perfect solution for an educational app that quickly got picked as Apple Staff Favorite. Shape Builder is available for $0.99 in the AppStore, giving you more than your money’s worth.


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Contacts Journal – iPhone App Reviews

Imagine having a separate file for each important person in your life, where you can organize and easily look up important information about that person: notes from previous meetings, upcoming events and a tally of favors given and received. With Contacts Journal, you can do all this and more — it’s like having a diary, a to-do list and a favors list for each person, all in one app.

Contacts Journal is a revolutionary approach to organizing your professional and personal relationships. Fully integrated with your iPhone Contacts, Contacts Journal is the first app that lets you keep person-by-person records of past interactions, upcoming events/reminders and favors. Right now, you might store this information in multiple places, making it hard to find when you really need it. Or you keep it all in your head, where it’s easily forgotten. Here’s what can happen:

  • You waste hours rummaging through old notepads, searching for notes from a long-ago meeting with a colleague
  • You meet a good friend after a few months and can’t remember her newborn’s name
  • You had a long discussion with your boss some weeks ago but can’t recall the details, so when he follows up with you, you’re blank
  • A client did you a big favor, but you forgot to thank her when you met some weeks later

Sound familiar? With Contacts Journal, you will always be on top of things. A quick glance at the contact’s file before you meet them next, and all important information that you have recorded from previous meetings will be available to you. Check the To-do section to see any reminders you set yourself, or look at the Favors section to keep track of how generous you’ve been. What’s more, with one click, you can easily view your records and reminders across all your contacts by date, in a traditional diary or to-do list view.

People appreciate it when you remember things that are important to them. Don’t keep it all in your head … use Contacts Journal to track the people who matter most.


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Whiteboard – An iPhone App Review

Would you like to sleep better? Or maybe just need help relaxing? Are you in a hotel and miss the familiar sound of your fan or air conditioner? Flying on a plane and just want to nap?

White Noise lets you take the sounds of lapping waves, crickets, and other sources of rhythmic noise with you wherever you go. You can control the volume and set the timer to play a sound continuously for up to eight hours — even though the timer looks like it only measures minutes. Background noises are well-recorded and sound clear even through an iPhone’s speakers, and White Noise keeps playing even after your iPhone or iPod touch’s screen dims. We wouldn’t mind a greater variety of sounds and an option to fade from one sound to another.

Its easy to use interface quickly lets you select the sound, adjust volume, and set a shutoff timer. Gestures allow quick access to sounds and clock–swipe left/right to change the current sound and swipe up/down to display LCD clock and favorites toolbar. Organize your favorites using the sound catalog. Includes balance and pitch controls plus timer settings such as volume fader, alarm buzzer, and exiting of application to save battery life. Enable the favorites toolbar to display the top 8 sounds from the catalog on the main screen. Screen lock toggle allows LCD clock to always be on which is perfect for any docking station. Includes beautiful images that matches the high quality of each sound.

Create new sounds by simply changing the pitch. Slow the crashing waves. Lower the chimes. Make the train faster. Speed up the fan. You customize the perfect ambient sound!


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iPhone to Get Mozilla App Soon!

Mozilla CEO John Lilly has, in a recent interview, shed some light on its upcoming iPhone App. Well, not much except that it is an app.

That said, any app for the iPhone from Mozilla would be interesting. This is because Mozilla is famously known for its browser and to have a different browser apart from the default Safari browser on the iPhone is almost impossible. Apple did approve two browsers late last year though – but none of them was from major developers like Opera or Mozilla.

So, it is interesting to note what kind of an application is Mozilla actually working on. While it’s quite natural for anyone to assume it might be a new browser, keeping in mind Apple’s stand on third party browsers, we can also expect a software other than a browser. It could be anything, ranging from a bookmark sync tool or a plug in for the existing Safari browser.

Mozilla is making a big push into the mobile browsing territory and already has browsers for Windows Mobile and the Maemo platforms.

Source: Techtree.com


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Apple Magic Mouse Hands On

The Apple’s Magic Mouse doesn’t have anything on its surface. It’s an aluminum base topped off with a smooth multitouch panel. It felt weird to use, but leagues ahead of the Mighty Mouse. I may go back to mice.

The strange thing about the Magic Mouse is not how it works. It is that you have different gestures than on a standard Macbook Pro trackpad.

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One obvious example: Since you move the cursor by moving the whole mouse with your hand, there’s no point in also using one finger to move the cursor, like on the trackpad. Moving your finger on the surface of the Magic Mouse allows you to scroll in all directions, 360 degrees around.

You can also scroll with two or three fingers, if you move them up and down. But if you swipe them from side to side while using a web browser, your browsing history moves forward or back.

Physically, the mouse is beautiful, and feels nice. The top is made of white polycarbonate that matches the keys on Apple’s keyboards. It is one seamless touch surface, and, logically, there is no Mighty Mouse scroll nipple.

The surface can also simulate the left and right buttons. Unlike in previous Apple’s mice, the two buttons work perfectly. This time they also added physical feedback, so when you click the buttons, you actually get the entire surface to click—like the original clear Apple mouse.

The mouse runs on AA batteries, and Apple claims 4 months of use per set. You can get it with the new iMac or pay $69 separately.

Read More: Gizmodo.com


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