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Tweetie 2.0 is Now on the App Store

A new version of iPhone Twitter app Tweetie just flew into the App Store. It’s got a cleaner look, a few extra features, and most importantly, it’s much faster.

If you will test Tweetie 2, you will love it. Tweetie 2, the upgrade to the extremely popular app from atebits for Mac and iPhone, costs $2.99 for new or existing users of Tweetie. It seems like it’s been somewhat of a long wait, but you can finally go over to the App Store to download it. Like its predecessor, it’s a gorgeous, elegant app that demonstrates keen understanding of user interface design. New features include a menu to view trending topics, a drafts manager, and the ability to post videos with your tweets.

A pretty impressive feature is the “Nearby” button, which launches a map that automatically sweeps the area for nearby Twitterers. Tapping each blue icon displays their user name and tweet. It’s kind of like a beefed-up Google Latitude.

The improvement you’ll care about most is the huge boost in speed. Tweetie 2 is completely rewritten with the iPhone OS 3.0 software development kit, so it takes advantage of all the performance gains in the new operating system. This should turn semi-active Twitter users into tweeting machines!

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