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Whiteboard – An iPhone App Review

Would you like to sleep better? Or maybe just need help relaxing? Are you in a hotel and miss the familiar sound of your fan or air conditioner? Flying on a plane and just want to nap?

White Noise lets you take the sounds of lapping waves, crickets, and other sources of rhythmic noise with you wherever you go. You can control the volume and set the timer to play a sound continuously for up to eight hours — even though the timer looks like it only measures minutes. Background noises are well-recorded and sound clear even through an iPhone’s speakers, and White Noise keeps playing even after your iPhone or iPod touch’s screen dims. We wouldn’t mind a greater variety of sounds and an option to fade from one sound to another.

Its easy to use interface quickly lets you select the sound, adjust volume, and set a shutoff timer. Gestures allow quick access to sounds and clock–swipe left/right to change the current sound and swipe up/down to display LCD clock and favorites toolbar. Organize your favorites using the sound catalog. Includes balance and pitch controls plus timer settings such as volume fader, alarm buzzer, and exiting of application to save battery life. Enable the favorites toolbar to display the top 8 sounds from the catalog on the main screen. Screen lock toggle allows LCD clock to always be on which is perfect for any docking station. Includes beautiful images that matches the high quality of each sound.

Create new sounds by simply changing the pitch. Slow the crashing waves. Lower the chimes. Make the train faster. Speed up the fan. You customize the perfect ambient sound!

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