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WordPress Launches iPhone App 2.0

The first version of the WordPress iPhone app showed a lot of promise as mobile blogging tool, but it was too slow and too buggy to use. It didn’t know what to do with dropped connections — all too common, when you’re blogging from an AT&T iPhone — and the UI was clunky and unintuitive. Round 2! WordPress is back for another try at the iPhone thing, and this time they’re far closer to doing it right: bug fixes, persistence, auto-saving and a better UI make WordPress 2 a viable option for blogging on the go.

The single most important new feature in WordPress 2 is persistence. That means you can close the app, and reopening it will take you back to the post or comment you were working on. In the old version, it was nearly impossible to finish a long post without being interrupted by a crash or a phone call, or without needing to pop into Safari to grab some text from a webpage. Speaking of those crashes, they’re nowhere near as frequent as they were in WordPress 1, and the new autosave feature makes them less damaging.

Photo uploading is smoother, too, and you can also preview a post while you’re editing it. Aside from all the improvements to posting, comments now have their own tab, so you can moderate your site with ease. I’d still love to see liveblogging support in the iPhone app, though, because it seems like such an ideal use of a mobile blog client. All in all, WordPress 2 is a workable solution for mobile blogging.

Source: Downloadsquad.com

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