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Apple Provides New Status Tracker to Apps Developers

Apple is taking a step toward shining some light on its iPhone application vetting process by providing a new way for app developers to track the status of programs they’ve submitted to the company’s App Store. Apple has now introduced a new feature in the Dev Center website that will give the iPhone app developers a better idea about status of their application’s approval.

iPhone App developers will now be shown messages such as ‘Waiting for Review’, ‘In Review’ or ‘Ready for Sale’ against each of their submitted apps. Though the status reports may not mark a turn to a completely open and transparent process, it is more informative than the previous format, which relied on a note on Apple’s site indicating the current average wait time for approvals, and which did not provide programmers with any individual feedback on their apps.

One of the biggest challenges facing Apple’s App Store today is neither the number of days it takes to get an app approved or the rejection rate of iPhone apps. Instead, it is the inconsistency in these. Presently, Apple claims to approve 95% of the apps in 14 days. It is when iPhone apps take more than this duration to get approved when app developers get restless and try contacting Apple for the status. App Status Tracker is definitely a better scenario, but one cant say that this will solve the issue completely or not.

This particular provision of app status cannot help to a great extent simply because app developers shall continue to remain in the dark when an app ‘In Review’ has not made it to the ‘Ready for Sale’ status even after a week or so. Probably a better way to address the issue is to provide a timeline for the approval process. However, considering that over 8000 apps are being submitted everyday and these numbers are increasing by the day, it is a mammoth ask.

However, we believe this is only the first of many steps that Apple will take to make app review a clean and transparent procedure.

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