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iDoc – iPhone App Review

iPhone App Reviews, Best iPhone appsiDOC is a real life iDoctor on call that can answer your specific and personal medical questions. Get answers to your health related questions from a real Doctor or healthcare professional whenever and wherever you are! Simply by touching “Ask the Doc”, you can now ask a real life Doctor or healthcare professional any question related to your healthcare or a medically related topic. Your question will be forwarded to the most appropriate Doctor or healthcare professional that will send you back an answer to your specific question in your inbox.

There are various routes to “Ask the Doc” a question. A life-like human body image can easily assist in guiding you to the appropriate medical specialist. Touch an area on the body and the medical specialties related to that region will appear. Then select the medical specialty to “Ask the Doc”. Additionally, you can touch the “medical specialty” icon below the human body and you will see a listing and description of medical specialties. Simply touch “Ask the Doc” to send your question to the Doctor or healthcare professional. If you don’t know which specialty to choose, just touch “Ask the Doc” anywhere in the application, your question will be matched to the most appropriate specialist to answer it.

Also included in the application is a tip of the day. Little known medical facts from a real Doctor. The tip of the day will separate fact from fiction and bring you into the inner circle of medical knowledge. A Doctor will post the “Tip” daily. You can also scroll to see all previous tips.

How many times have you called a friend in the medical field to ask a question? Or waited for days or longer to ask your Doctor a question? Sometimes you may be bounced around from Doctor to Doctor until you are able to meet with the correct specialist. How many times has the advice from your Doctor required further clarification? Suppose you have a question about the medication prescribed? Sometimes trying to sort out the information on the Internet may be overwhelming or not geared to your specific question. Now you can “Ask the Doc” from your iphone.

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