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GPS Tracking : A Fastest Way to Locate Your Friends

iPhone App Reviews, Best iPhone AppsGPS Tracking is a useful tool for people on the go. It’s a simple App that let’s you notify people in your contact list where you are or ask them where they are by pushing one button. Faster and safer than texting and much more accurate then a phone call, since you get to see a Google map on the screen with a push pin showing you exactly where someone is.

GPS Tracking records the users’ location and let them request the same from their friends and relatives. For allowing the application to keep a proper track of the cardinal stats of your position and location, you are required to launch it, put it in your pocket and cherish the amazing experience of hours of recording.

The Personal Location Services on the Move — the pin marks your spot. Continuing to pave the way for innovative geo specific and proximity alerting applications. If you are worried for your spouse, kids, relatives and other friends and want to know their exact location, you can know the same by just pushing the GPS Tracking button. The App has a few cool features, such as sending a “LOCi” request. In any event you can send a LOCi request to a group of people in your contact list or ask a group for their LOCi.

For parents this is a great App. No more endless exchanges with your kids on the “where are you” question. You send them a LOCi request or have them send you one once they get to their destination. Imagine having to meet up with 5 or 6 friends and you are running late, one push of a button and they all get notified exactly where you are.

For using the application for sending your location, you are required to select a group of contacts to whom you want to send your location with a message. Using this tracking system, the selected contacts will get a notification. On acceptance, the receivers will get the location view along with the map and the message.

The users can also request their friends to send their location by selecting the desired contacts from their list. All the selected contacts get notification on their iPhones. They can accept the same by pressing Loci or decline the request. If they press Loci, it means they are sending their location to the user who made the request.

This location tracking application is Fast, Easy and Private. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the app strives to accomplish your everyday needs. It is quite simple in use and assures the users complete privacy and security. Overall the App is useful and easy to use. It has a free limited version and a full paid version for $3.99. Seems reasonable to pay $3.99 for a utility like this, think about how much you would spend on texting people every time you wanted to know where they are or had to tell them where you are. One draw back is all your friends and family members have to have the App also but most likely over time all phones will have Apps and hopefully will be able to talk to one another. For now I’ll let the App send an e-mail request to my contact list asking them to go download the App. GPS Tracking has become the fastest way to locate your friends and family members.

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Explore Your Perfect Looks With MyFace!

iPhone App Reviews, Best iPhone AppsStill Looking for immaculate tips on makeup? Discover the secrets of finding the right products, applying make up and getting the look you want on your iPhone & iPod Touch. A beautiful makeover starts with the right blending of imagination with creativity.

MyFace, a gleaming application for your iPhone and iPod Touch is a real eye opener for a clean & fresh wide eyed lash look. MyFace is synonymous with creating an effortless sophisticated look according to your Age, Skin Type, Skin Color and Ethnicity. You can select the hottest and latest eye makeup products of brands like YSL, DIOR, MAC, REVLON, LAURA, LANCOME. After selecting a particular brand, you get the Products ( FOUNDATION, CONCEALER & POWDER ) of that brand that can be used for the user’s profile.

With Myface you can easily find the suitable makeup tips for different occasions from the list: Eyes Only, Anniversary, date, wedding, Night club, Concert, Casual, Prom and Interview. On selecting a particular occasion, Various make up applied pictures of Models are shown, you can select one and then select the brand, the app will show you the results.

MyFace also assists you in exploring the different locations of various cosmetic stores.
Don’t forget to ask your beauty expert for stunning makeup tips loaded with lots of creativity and imagination while going out or getting ready for any occasion.

Tips and Directions for Users:

  • You must be wondering how to use the application? For that click on “I” at the top.
  • Touch “Your Face” to add your image in the profile. You can choose from your photo gallery or take a new picture.
  • Fill personal details like your name, age and ethnicity.
  • For a unique result, select the right “Skin Type” and “Skin Color” from the list.
  • For exploring the process further, just click on the particular brand, you use.
  • Press Occasions to receive expert recommendations for a range of looks for different occasions.
  • Based on your profile results will be displayed for using the Foundation, Concealer &Powder.
  • Touch the “i” button at any time for directions, expert tips, and application guides.
  • Use the star button to favorite and save your desired recommended makeover and products.

Myface will save you time and money by helping you find the products you need for the look you want – personalized for your skin and your budget. Myface is constantly adding new looks and tips so you can have the freshest look no matter the style or season.

Your new look – or just your best look – is a tap away with myface, your personal virtual make-up artist.

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Super Monkey Ball 2 – iPhone App Review

Play the addictive sequel to one of the original iPhone/iPod Touch game – this time featuring multiplayer!

Gamers can grab their iPhone/iPod touch and dive into the all-new 3D world of Super Monkey Ball 2! Play as one of 4 favorite characters – Aiai, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon – on over 115 different challenging tracks. Using the accelerometer and the touch screen, control your Monkey and make sure he or she collects all the bananas and completes the track in record time. Be careful – don’t fall off the edge!

Enjoy zipping around the tracks or take advantage of the mini-games. Start off with Monkey Bowling and get ready to download Monkey Golf and Monkey Target when they are released early next year.

Finally – for on-the-go gamers looking for some multiplayer fun, hop on local wi-fi and play against three of your friends on ANY of the 115 tracks in the game!

Featuring stunning graphics and bright colorful worlds, Super Monkey Ball 2 is the iPhone game for everyone!


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#1Baby Names App / iName Baby – iPhone App Preview

iPhone App Reviews, Best iPhone appsGetting just the right name for your baby has always been a passion for parents, but never more so than in the digital age. After all, if you can’t get that desired email address / domain name / whatever for the Internet, you’ve got to find a different name, right?

To help in finding the perfect name for your baby, what better way than to use your iPhone. iName Baby is a great & easy to use application for finding the best baby names for your baby. Designed by a mother to be, iName Baby can randomly generate names from the most popular & current list of either boy or girl names available. You can also email your favorite baby names to yourself, family or friends. iName Baby can also allow you to search easily through a scrollable list for either boy or girl names. iName Baby has a great UI Interface in addition to wonderful graphics.

Top Features:

  • Randomly generate names for either boy or girl
  • Easily search for boy or girl names
  • Email favorites to yourself, family or friends
  • Names displayed in an easily scrollable list
  • Awesome UI Interface & graphics

You can purchase this app for $0.99 from the AppStore. Just never tell your kid that a machine was responsible for picking his/her name! Have fun & enjoy!


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Apple Launched RSS feed for iPhone News

Apple this week has taken another step toward better communicating with iPhone developers, launching an RSS feed for iPhone app news.

News subscribers will receive the latest Apple App Store submission tips, such as the importance of App name and icon consistency, plus data on App Store submission approvals, program updates and testing techniques.

Apple said in November that iPhone developers have created more than 100,000 apps for smartphones and market research firm IDC says there will be 300,000 by 2011. Apple roared past the 2 billion app download mark in September. Yet Apple has been knocked by App Store developers and buyers for imperfect management of the App Store submission and oversight processes.

Some developers have argued that Apple makes it too tough for them to get their apps onto the App Store, such as when Apple rejected a Google Voice app earlier this year. Others decry apps like the notorious Shaken Baby app that slip onto the App Store. Then there’s the recent scandal involving bogus iPhone app ratings that led Apple to scuttle 1,000 previously approved apps.

Buyers have complained about a “no refund” policy that makes plunking down increasingly higher amounts for apps a tougher purchase decision.

The new RSS feed is Apple’s latest attempt to get a better handle on its booming App Store. The company recently introduced ways for developers to gain more visibility into exactly where a submitted app stands in the process.

While Apple’s App Store is in a league of its own, other smartphone makers, such as Windows Mobile maker Microsoft, are boosting theirs as well.

Source: Networkworld.com


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